Manufacturer: RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd.  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Protection system  

Thor High Energy Laser IED Neutralization System

Thor is a variant of 7.62 mm/12.7 mm Mini-Samson stabilised remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) providing a standoff capability to neutralise improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and explosive hazards.

Thor combines a high-energy air-cooled laser with an automatic 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.

Developed by Rafael, the Thor system is being exhibited for the first time at the AUSA Winter Symposium and Exhibition in Florida from 15 to 17 February 2006. This dual capability enables Thor to be used for offensive and defensive purposes, as well as for the safe standoff removal of explosive obstacles by laser-directed energy or projectile kinetic energy.

Thor neutralises IEDs/explosive ordnance devices (EODs) or mines by targeting and burning the explosive core - causing either low detonation or deflagration. Rafael has teamed with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Orlando, Florida, to market the Thor system in the US.

The total weight of the outside pedestal, including 12.7 mm machine gun, external munitions box and beam director, is 250 kg, while the total add-on weight with the Thor system is some 600 kg.

With a variable output of between 70 W and 700 W, Thor is powered by a 24V DC battery bank which is charged from the vehicle's regular generator.

The system is slaved to the RCWS's charged-coupled device/infra-red bolometric dual camera, with a laser rangefinder combined on the beam director.

The Mini-Samson RCWS family has a modular, plug-and play config-uration that enables it to accommodate a variety of weapons and weapon combinations. This includes as its main weapon, the 12.7 mm M2HB, 7.62 mm, and GAU-17 six-barrel 7.62 mm machine guns and the Mk 19 40 mm grenade launcher. Secondary weapons, including a two-round Spike LR multipurpose missile launcher or the Thor system, are mounted to the right of the main armament.

In October 2006, Rafael and General Dyanmics Ordnance and Tactical Systems signed a licensing agreement to provide Thor to US defense customers. Through this agreement the Thor may be integrated on manned and unmanned ground vehicles employed by the US military.

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
Mini-Samson (Remote controlled weapon station)

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