Manufacturer: I.M.I. Israel Military Industries Ltd  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Multiple rocket launcher  

The TAM VCLC is fitted with the CAL-160 (Lit; Cohete de Artillería Ligero de 160 mm) which can be fitted with either two LAR-160 containers (18 x 160 mm rockets) or four LAR-350 single container. Only a prototype was produced.

In the mid 1980's TAMSE produced two new versions of TAM, the MRLS TAM VCLC and the recovery TAM VCRT. The ambulance TAM VCA was abandoned because of the high cost and the cheap options (M-9 Halftrack and M-113) were used instead. The VCLC was developed with israeli assistance and fitted with LAR-160 rocket launcher system. The VCLC fired the CAL 160 rocket (Cohete de Artillería Ligero de 160 mm) and the CAM-350 (Cohete de Artillería Mediano de 350 mm), both local versions of israelís LAR-160 and MAR-350 rocket. The CAL-160 used two 18 rocket containers, and the CAM-350 used four single rocket container.

In late 90s Argentinian Army tested ERA for the TAM VC, the ERA was of russian and israeli origin, but never entered service due to logistical problems from both suppliers (Russia and Israel).

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