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Manufacturer: King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Tactical vehicle  

Product Description

Al Tha'lab Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) is a cost-effective patrol vehicle designed for Internal Security, Reconnaissance and Border Patrol Forces.

Operational Roles

The vehicle has been designed to fulfill the following roles:

Surveillance and Reconnaissance (SR)

Whilst conducting SR tasks, the vehicle's primary role is to place a patrol into an area of operations where a target may be observed.

Offensive Action (OA)

Whilst conducting OA tasks, the vehicle's primary role is to be a highly mobile weapons platform from which the mounted support weapons may be used to their best effect (to deliver effective and precise fire into a selected target with sustained accuracy).

Urban Operations

Whilst conducting urban operations, the vehicle's primary role is to rapidly deliver assault and entry troops into upper levels of buildings, using the Urban Combat Access System (UCAS) ladder kit

Casualty Evacuation

Whilst conducting any task, the vehicle's secondary role is to provide the capacity to mount and secure two stretchers, within the role frame structure, to provide the means of emergency casualty evacuation.


LRPV is equipped with a safe and comfortable seating area for the driver and commander plus two crew members seated in the rear. All seating positions are encapsulated within a full Roll Over Protection System (ROPS).

Support Weapons

LRPV is equipped with front and rear weapon mounts for two support weapons. During weapons engagements, a static LRPV provides a stable and effective weapons platform.

Radio / Communications

LRPV can mount a full range of military radio and communications equipment. The vehicle is fitted with two Antenna mounting bases, plus power take off points for the radio equipment.


LRPV has a large bulk load area, and is fitted with ammunition and equipment lockers that allows the crew to maintain a free and clear work area. The LRPV payioad is approximately 1,700 kg.

Endurance / Range

LRPV is capable of conducting operations over a range of 1,500 km without re-supply (four man crew, and ten days duration).

High Mobility

LRPV provides high levels of off-road mobility across rugged terrain. Comprehensive desert trials have been successfully conducted.


LRPV provides excellent speed and agility; dependent on ground conditions.

Strength of Design

LRPV is robust and can operate within remote areas of rugged terrain with limited or no support for prolonged periods.

Field Maintenance

LRPV is easily maintained in field conditions. Mechanical components are of a basic design and not overly reliant on electronic management system.

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