Manufacturer: National Company for Military Technique ROMARM  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  


This is a local design and is similar in appearance to the Russian T-55 series of MBT. Locally built T-55s were first observed in 1977 and these were referred to in the West as the TR-77, or M1977 by the US Army. In 1993, the Romanian Army stated that it had 632 TR-85 MBTs in service. Since then the figure has dropped to 314.

The TR-85 is based on the Russian T-55 but with a new suspension system and a new German diesel engine. The T-800 covered in a separate entry is the export version of the TR-85. The turret of the TR-85 is said to be new.


This is similar to the T-55 with the 100 mm main armament being fitted with a fume extractor near the muzzle and a thermal sleeve. Mounted above the mantlet is a range-finder similar to that fitted to some Chinese MBTs including the NORINCO Type 69.

Mounted externally on the turret sides and to the rear are boxes of 12.7 mm ammunition while on the forward left side of the turret is a rectangular stowage box similar to that fitted to Polish-built T-55 MBTs.

The chassis of the TR-85 is similar to the T-55, but each side has six roadwheels (the T-55 has five) with a distinct gap between the first/second, second/third and fifth/sixth roadwheels with the idler at the front and drive sprocket at the rear.

The upper part of the running gear is covered by a light sheet steel skirting of local design which is ribbed for increased strength and has a number of footholds in the lower part.

The driver is seated at the front left and to his immediate front are ribs that run across the glacis plate and a low-profile splashboard going two-thirds of the way across the glacis plate. On the right side of the glacis plate are two headlamps and low down are several spare track links.

The TR-85 aiso has a different power pack, or at the least a different engine, which is believed to be a 600 hp diesel, asthetopofthe engine compartment is different from the T-54/T-55 series. The TR-85 does not have the common exhaust outlet on the left side that is a standard feature of T-54/T-55 series vehicles.

The larger circular inlet in the centre of the engine deck is believed to be the air inlet with the air outlets being positioned on either side. Due to the installation of a new power pack, the hull of the TR-85 extends more to the rear.

The TR-85 has a combat weight of 43.3 tonnes and is fitted with a full range of infra-red night vision equipment for the commander, gunner and driver, an NBC system, an unditching beam and a snorkel at the hull rear. In addition, it can be fitted with long-range fuel tanks at the hull rear. Mounted under the long-range fuel tanks at the rear of the hull is a wooden upditching beam.


  • TR-85N MBT

This is understood to be an upgraded TR-85 although the exact details of the modifications are not known. The Romanian defence industries are now offering the DE-830CP eight-cylinder diesel upgrade pack for the TR-85 series MBT.

  • TR-85M1 MBT

Romania has completed the prototype of an upgraded TR-85 MBT, designated the TR-85M1. This has a number of improvements including additional passive armour over the turret front, new gun control and stabilisation system, improved fire-control system, turret rear is now fitted with a bustle and new electronically operated smoke grenade launchers are mounted each side of the turret. The 100 mm rifled gun is retained but a fume extractor has been added.

TheTR-85M1 MBT weighs 50 tonnes and is powered by an 8-cylinder diesel which develops 860 hp, this gives the vehicle a maximum road speed of 60 km/h and a road range of 310 km.

  • New Romanian MBT

Romania has had discussions with the German company of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, prime contractor for the Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 MBTs, concerning the joint development of a new Romanian MBT.

The prime contractor in Romania would be Arsenalul Armetei which is also the prime contractor for the TR-85 and other Romanian MBTs.

  • Status

Production complete. In service with the Romanian Army.

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