Manufacturer: National Company for Military Technique ROMARM  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  


This is another Romanian development which has a similar hull and turret to the TR-85 (qv) and is believed to have preceded this in production. In 1993, the Romanian Army stated that it has 398 TR-580 MBTs in service. Since then quantities of the TR-580 MBT in service with the Romanian Army have been further reduced and by early 1999 about 88 vehicles remained in service. It is believed that the Naval Infantry has 120 TR-580 MBTs in service.


Ammunition boxes for the 12.7 mm antiaircraft machine gun are fitted either side of the turret.

The hull is similar to that of the TR-85 but the TR-580 has six unique spoked roadwheels with a gap between the first/second roadwheels.

The upper part of the running gear is covered by a light sheet steel skirt that, like the TR-85, extends right to the front and covers the front idler wheel.

The T-54/T-55 type exhaust outlet is retained above the last two roadwheel stations on the left side and the rear engine decking appears to be similar to the standard T-55 MBT. The TR-580 has a combat weight of 38.2 tonnes.


Production complete. In service with the Romanian Army. There has been no recent production of the TR-580 MBT.

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