Manufacturer: Vickers Defence Systems Ltd.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Main battle tank  

Jordanian Centurions

Centurions of the Jordanian Army have been refitted with the American General Dynamics Land Systems, Muskegon Operations AVDS-1970 series diesel engine in place of the original Meteor petrol engine. These upgraded vehicles are called the Tariq. They have also been fitted with a Belgian SABCA fire-control system which incorporates a laser range-finder manufactured under licence from the Hughes company of the USA. This system is similar to the SABCA fire-control system installed in the Leopard 1 MBTs used by Australia, Belgium and Canada. They have also been fitted with a US HR Textron turret drive and stabilisation system and hydropneumatic suspension. The last of 293 conversions to the Tariq standard was completed in 1985.

In early 1986, Kidde-Graviner of the UK was awarded a contract by Jordan to supply its Crew Bay fire and explosion suppression system for installation in all Jordanian Army Khalid, Tariq and M60A1/M60A3 MBTs plus the ENGESA EE-11 Urutu (6x6) APCs which were delivered in 1987.

These will be replaced in the nearfuture by ex-British Army Challenger 1 MBTs under a deal signed early in 1999.

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
Crew Bay (Fire fighting equipment)

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