Shorland S53

Manufacturer: Tenix Defence Systems Pty Ltd.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Airborne combat vehicle  

Mobile Air Defence Vehicle

This has been designed specifically for the defence of airfields and other key installations and supply routes against low-level air attack.

Based on the S52 Armoured Patrol Car, the S53 is fitted with a variant of the Starburst/Blowpipe/Javelin lightweight multiple launcher in place of the turret.

The system uses the standard shoulder launch aiming unit as clip-on equipment and mounts three canistered missiles. The turret ring has an integral hatch cover and periscope view block for surveillance when the hatch is closed. The ring carries a pintle mounting forthe lightweight multiple launcher. This has a traverse head assembly with a sealed bearing unit which fits over the pintle. The traverse freedom relative to the turret ring is 40 and the ring has handgrips so that the aimer can slew it to the approximate target bearing and then track witli the lightweight multiple launcher. The system is manually operated.

Six missiles in their ammunition containers are stowed in racks on either side at the rear of the vehicle. The aiming unit is between the missile storage racks during transport.

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