Manufacturer: China National Electronics Import & Export Corp. (CEIEC)  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: VHF radio set  

PRS-4 Handheld VHF Frequency Hopping Radio is the new generation VHF antijamming radio with digital signal processing (DSP) technology. It is widely used by infantry, artillery, reconnaissance group for tactical communication with small volume, light weight, and convenient for operation. The radio provides reliable voice and data communication with various operation modes.

Main Functions

  • Frequency hopping

  • Encryption communication

  • Short message

  • Digital squelch function

  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)

Main Specifications

Frequency Range: 30 ~ 88MHz

Channel Spacing: 25KHz

Power Output: 2W/0.35W

Modulation Mode: FM

Weight: less than 1.5Kg

Environment Condition:Operation Temperature: -25 C~+55 C Relative Humidity: +30 C.95%

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