Manufacturer: Matra Defence Equipment & Systems  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Laser warning system  


The EIREL infra-red jamming system was developed as a private venture by Matra Defense Equipment & Systemes (previously known as CS Defense) and subsequently adopted by the French Army for installation on its Giat Industries AMX-10RC (6x6) armoured vehicles which subsequently took part in Operation Desert Storm, the liberation of Kuwait, early in 1991.

According to Matra Defense Equipment & Systemes, the main characteristics of the EIREL infra-red jammer are that it provides permanent protection against a wide range of threats, it can be quickly installed on most armoured fighting vehicles and it is very reliable.

The scanner-type jamming device is normally mounted on the roof or side of the tank to cover the vulnerable frontal arc with the control box being mounted inside the turret. In the case of the AMX-1ORC application it was mounted on the left side of the turret roof.

The EIREL infra-red jammer has two operational modes for different threats and can also be used in conjunction with an alarm detector. It is normally powered from an onboard 28 V DC power supply, although different versions exist according to the powersupply available on the vehicle. It is claimed to be very reliable with an integrated back-up mode providing permanent protection.

In most anti-tank guided weapons, the missile is slaved to the gunner's line of sight and for this purpose the missile is fitted with a flare in the rear so that its position with respect to the target can be sensed from the launcher. As soon as the missile moves away from the target the deviation is detected and correction instructions are sent to the missile through the control wire.

When the target is fitted with the EIREL infra-red jamming system, this will substitute for the missile flare.

The launcher then no longer measures the missile-to-target deviation but that of the jammer-to-target. The missile is no longer guided and quickly moves away from its course and drops without reaching its target.

There are two methods of operation. When the vehicle is stationary the jammer emits in a fixed direction, typically over the frontal arc and in line with the main armament. This method is used when it is known where the threat is coming from. The incoming missiles can be jammed as soon as possible.

When the vehicle is moving, the jammer emits while carrying out an optimised horizontal scan so as to considerably increase the protected area. This method is used in cases of indefinite threat.

The EIREL infra-red jamming system is not effective against anti-tank missile systems using laser guidance.


Production as required. In service with the French Army on Giat Industries AMX-10RC (6x6) armoured vehicles. It is believed that some Panhard ERC (6 x 6) armoured cars have been fitted with the EIREL system.

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