Manufacturer: Avimo Ltd  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Laser warning system  


The LWD 2 series laser warning detector has been developed by Avimo as a private venture to give the crews of armoured fighting vehicles advanced warning of potential enemy engagement. This allows evasive action to be taken, therefore increasing the probability of survival.


The standard Avimo LWD 2 system comprises a control box, junction box and a number of semi-circular detector arrays with the precise number depending on the application. This can vary from a single array up to a maximum of 12.

In applications where a single detector head is required, two detector arrays can be mechanically and electrically connected together using an interface housing providing a low-profile detector head with full 360 field of view. In this configuration, a junction box is not required. All assemblies are hermetically sealed.

The detector arrays each have an azimuth field of view of more than 180 with a resolution of 7.5 and can be deployed on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle in any suitable configuration orientated either parallel or normal to the axis of the vehicle.

All detector arrays are identical and therefore interchangeable thus reducing spares holding. Most applications would require between four and eight arrays although up to 12 can be accommodated.

The junction box performs the dual function of interconnecting the arrays to the control box and collating the data from the arrays before transmitting it to the control box.

Switches within the junction box allow it to be set to recognise any particular configuration of arrays. These can easily be reset should a change of configuration be required. The junction box can be sited either inside the vehicle, or outside with a suitable armoured cover.

The control box contains the processing electronics, the operator controls and the display panel. This compact unit provides visual and audible warning when either a single pulse range-finder, designator or multi-pulse range-finder has been detected.

Directional information is indicated by a ring of 24 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and complemented by a four-digit display which gives the bearing in degrees or mils (preset).

An overhead indicator warns of threats from above when detector arrays with overhead facility are in use. Two operator switches are provided, these are power and audio alarm select.

An external socket provides RS422 communication both into and out of the control box to allow the system to interface with countermeasure devices or to be externally controlled. A second socket provides an alarm output in the form of a relay contact and an audio tone for introduction into the vehicle's internal communications system.

Standard options for the system include:

(1) overhead detection facility to give complete hemispherical coverage

(2) 45 option to allow arrays to be corner mounted at 45 to the vehicle axis

(3) the digital display on the control panel can be preset to display the threat bearing in either degrees, NATO mils or Russian mils

(4) 360 detector head can be provided for installation on small vehicles

(5) if more than eight arrays are to be used, a slightly larger junction box is required.

Other options include a separate remote display for the driver or gunner, software for computing directional data of turret/hull relationship and software to allow mixing of normal and 45 fixed arrays or other nonstandard configurations.


In production for various export markets, including the Middle East.

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