Manufacturer: Ferranti Technologies Ltd  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Optronic countermeasure system  


The GVC missile decoy has been designed and developed by Ferranti Technologies for the protection of armoured fighting vehicles against attack by antitank missiles. Since the decoy is non-expendable it is able to provide permanent protection.

The Ferranti Technologies GVC missile decoy system does not provide any protection against laser guided missiles.

The decoy employs infra-red emitters to 'mimic' those used by most semi-automatic missile systems to facilitate missile tracking. In this way, the enemy firecontrol system is made to issue erroneous flight correction commands to the missile, causing it to deviate safely away from its intended target.

The GVC missile decoy is at the advanced stage of development and its modular, compact and lightweight specifications ensure that it is equally suited to new build or retrofit applications.

The system requires only simple power and mechanical interfaces with the host vehicle and needs minimal maintenance. User interface is provided via a small control panel incorporating on/off switch and failure warning indicator.

The GVC missile decoy can provide continuous protection in a stand-alone mode, automatically scanning to cover an arc up to 90. Alternatively the system can be activated and steered toward the threat in response to signals received from other vehicle sensors. In this mode the arc of protection can be up to 360.

The GVC missile decoy would normally be mounted on the turret of the host vehicle with the zone of protection covering the main armament. However, precise location can be tailored to individual requirement.


Advanced development. There are no known plans for this system to be procured by the British Army.

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