Manufacturer: AAI Corporation  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Optronic countermeasure system  


AAl's patented Projectile Detection and Cueing™ (PDCue™) is a passive acoustic technology-based, firefinder system.

Sensing the distinctive pressure-time signature associated with Shockwaves, the system determines supersonic projectile velocity, miss-distance, local trajectory and type.

Approximate range to the firing weapon is also determined, providing a definitive 'cue' as to the location of the firing position. Information is provided via a display that depends on the platform application.

The device can be used both on stationary and moving platforms with applications including: individual soldiers; vehicles (tracked and wheeled); fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft; waterborne and air cushion vessels and stand-alone units. AAI PDCue™ technology is patented both in the USA and abroad.

It should be noted that this system only advises the crew where the projectile is coming from, it does not provide any countermeasures.

It can be integrated with the firing platforms fire-control system to input the back azimuth and elevation of the incoming projectile, thereby allowing the fire-control system to automatically slew the weapon into a position to return fire in a significantly reduced amount of time.

Once aimed in the general direction, plus/minus five degrees, of the origin of fire, the crew takes over control using visual or infra-red target acquisition, aiming and firing.


Under contract to the US Army Research Laboratory, AAI will be delivering 10 of these systems installed on HMMWV (4 x 4) in 1999. Development of the system was completed in the second half of 1999.

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