Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Electro-Optical Systems  
Product type: Optronic Countermeasure Systems  
Name: Optronic countermeasure system  


The Missile Countermeasures Device AN/VLQ-6 Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) countermeasure system was developed as a private venture by Loral Electro-Optical Systems (now Lockheed Martin Electro-Optical Systems) for installation pn a wide range of vehicles, both tracked and wheeled, to improve their battlefield survivability.

Missile Countermeasures Device AN/VLQ-6 is a multithreat jammer which protects the vehicle against a wide range of ground- or air-launched ATGM threats.

It is normally mounted on the roof of the vehicle and operates directly from the vehicle's 28 V DC power, either in an open-loop stand-alone mode or integrated with other vehicle warning and/or self-protection equipment.

' In the standard version the display and control box would normally be positioned near the vehicle commander.

As the Missile Countermeasures Device AN/VLQ-6 system has a field of view of 40, one or more jammers would normally be fitted to cover the required protection zones over the frontal arc.

As an option, the roof-mounted system can be provided with external armour plate and an optional gimbal system to allow slewing in response to threat warning sensor inputs. Another option is a pop-up optical assembly for enhanced survivability.


In production. During the 1990-91 Gulf War, the US Army purchased some 2,600 new missile jammers under the designation of AN/VLQ-6 (Missile Countermeasures Device). These are fitted to the United Defense M2 as part of the Operation Desert Storm (ODS) upgrade programme.

Included in:
Product Amount
M1A2 Abrams (Main battle tank)

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