Manufacturer: Greek Powder and Cartridge Company SA (PYRKAL)  
Product type: Screen Laying Systems  
Name: Self-screening system  

PYRKAL GRL-76-10 tank and GRL-76-8 APC 76 mm close defence system.


This system has been designed by the Greek Powder and Cartridge Company (PYRKAL) for installation on a wide range of armoured vehicles including tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, self-propelled guns and howitzers and marine craft.

The 76 in the system designation relates to the calibre of the launcher, while the 10 or 8 relates to the total number of launchers.

The system consists of two banks of four or five 76 mm launchers that are normally mounted on either side of the turret and fire forwards with the operator's panel being inside the vehicle, normally at the commander's station.

All parts of the system are fully waterproof with most parts being interchangeable. All parts are made of high-grade steel for low vulnerability to small arms fire and shrapnel.

The 76 mm grenades are electrically fired with the operator being able to select coverage. The capability of altering the launcher tubes in azimuth is also provided.

The operator's panel has an on/off switch, full coverage buttons positioned on the left side (to launch two grenades), on the front right (to launch two grenades) and on the centre left and centre right (to launch three grenades each).

The coverage arc is through 205 with grenades covering a 50 arc. Typically, each 76 mm grenade lands about 60 m from the vehicle and covers a circle with a radius of 15 m.

It launches all types of 76 mm close defence ammunition including smoke grenade Rocket-Propelled (RP), smoke grenade Hexachlorethane (HC), smoke grenade Infra-Red (IR) screening, chaff dispersing grenade, flare grenade and anti-personnel grenade.

Typical applications in the Greek Army is the locally built ELBO (Hellenic Vehicle Industry) Leonidas full tracked armoured personnel carrier which has a bank of four 76 mm grenade launchers mounted either side of the machine gun cupola.


Production. In service with Cyprus, Hellenic Army and other undisclosed countries.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)

Included in:
Product Amount
Leonidas (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
NM186 (Smoke grenade)

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