Manufacturer: Precision Remotes, Inc (PRI)  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  


The TRAP T-250D is a fully digital, 24V DC system that performs multiple missions with extraordinary effectiveness. The system is modular so it can be configured for a particular mission; including ground or vehicle operations. It is combat-proven with multiple programs in progress with several branches of the US Military and select foreign governments.

TRAP sets the standard for lightweight remote weapon systems.

TRAP T-250D System Configuration

Remote pan tilt platform - mounts the weapon adapter, trigger actuator, weapon safety actuator, overview camera and targeting camera with either a traditional scope or holographic sight.


  • Center-line recoil system

  • Accommodates semi automatic rifles up to .50 caliber (Barrett M-82A 1M) and belt-fed machine guns up to 7.62mm (.308 cal)

  • No modifications to the weapons are necessary

  • Precision stepper motors control azimuth and elevation motion

  • Point of aim changes in increments as little as one-tenth of a mili-radian

  • Standard pintle mounting interface

  • Mounts atop a vehicle in a pintle receiver or on the ground using M-3 or M-122 tripods

Control unit - includes the main power switch, fire selector switch and main system safety. It also has mil-spec connector ports for the hand controller, two external monitors, a power adapter (120/220VAC to 24VDC) and the link to the remote platform. All connector ports are located on the front panel of the control unit for easy access. LED’s tell the operator the system is armed and if there are any system faults.

Hand Controller w/Viewfinder – this is the user interface with primary operational controls.

  • an ergonomic grip

  • a large color viewfinder with a soft rubber eyecup,

  • a view select button, zoom control, auxiliary control, safety switch

  • dual fire buttons

Power Sources

  • BA 5590 (or equivalent) batteries via the Battery Supply Unit (BSU)

  • military vehicle power via the vehicle slave cable

  • AC power via the AC-DC adapter


360° Drive

A continuous 360° drive is available for the T-250D. This drive delivers continuous bi-directional 360° operation. The drive’s range and the system’s field of fire may be restricted with the use of integrated limit pins. It can slew faster than 100 per second. Like the platform, the 360° drive uses a standard pintle interface for mounting.


The T-250D incorporates two to three cameras, depending on customer requirements. Daytime cameras include an overview camera for broader situational awareness and a targeting camera for threat engagement. The targeting camera may be mounted behind either a conventional scope or a holographic targeting sight. These daytime cameras are mounted in shock-resistant waterproof housings.

Nighttime operations are performed with either thermal or image intensifying cameras/scopes. In most cases these have a video-out link that PRI incorporates into the T-250D’s video network.

Weapon Safety Actuator

This bi-directional device physically moves the safety on the weapon. The weapon safety actuator is only available for select weapons

Included in:
Product Amount
SWORDS (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

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