2S35 Koalicija-SV

Manufacturer: OAO Central Research Institute BUREVESTNIK  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Self-propelled howitzer  

Russia has developed to the technology demonstrator/prototype stage a new twin 152 mm self-propelled (SP) artillery system called Koalicija-SV (Coalition-SV).

This is understood to be still and the prototype stage with no firm plans known to enter quantity production.


For trials purposes the first turret is based on a modified Main Battle Tank (MBT) chassis but production systems of the new twin 152 mm SP system are expected to be integrated onto a brand new chassis.

This would have a crew of two who would be seated in a well protected compartment at the front with the unmanned turret in the centre and the powerpack at the rear.

For the first example, the large flat sided turret appears to be based on that of the older 152 mm 2S19 (MSTA-S) SP artillery system which was fitted with a single 152 mm ordnance and entered service with the Russian Army in 1989.

This is armed with a 152 mm weapon fed by an automatic loader which first loads the projectile and then the charge. A total of 50 x 152 mm projectiles and associated charges are carried with the complete system having a crew of five. The driver is in the front of the chassis with other four crew members in the turret.

It is considered probable that production Koalicija SV systems would have a new turret that would extend well to the rear to accommodate the 152 mm projectiles which are loaded under remote control. The charges would be located vertically below the turret and also loaded automatically.

Main armament consists of two long barrelled 152 mm barrels that are each fitted with a pepperpot muzzle brake. No thermal sleeves or fume extractors appear to be fitted on the prototype system but this could change on production systems. When travelling the two barrels are held in a travel lock mounted on the glacis plate.

A muzzle velocity radar does not appear to be fitted at present but again this could be fitted in the future. This would feed information into the on board computerised fire control system and allow for more accurate target engagements to take place.

Mounted on the roof is a 12.7 mm machine gun for air defence and self-protection purposes and banks of 81 mm electrically operated smoke grenade launchers are mounted either side of the turret and cover the frontal arc.

It is expected that production Koalicija SV systems would carry a total of 50 projectiles and charges with the system being reloaded via a dedicated armoured transporter loader vehicle.

It is considered probable that Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) target engagements can probably take place.

When compared to the current 2S19 the new Koalicija SV twin 152 mm SP artillery system has a much longer range and a higher rate of fire. It is possible that the system is being developed for land and naval applications.

The prototype system has six road wheels either side but production systems are expected to be based on a brand new full tracked chassis with seven road wheels either side, idler at the front, driver sprocket at the rear and track return rollers.

Speculation it that this could well be based on the chassis developed for the future Russian MBT that has been under development for some years and is probably armed with a large calibre externally mounted gun with all of the crew in the chassis.

While some countries are now developing or field SP artillery systems for use by rapid deployment forces, systems such as the Russian Koalicija SV have a high rate of fire, large ammunition supply, high cross-country mobility and are in some cases more survivable.

Property Value
Weight (kg)
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Traverse arc (degree)
Ammunition of the main gun
AA gun caliber (mm)
Firing range (m)
Rate of fire (rds/min)

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2S35 Koalicija-SV
2S35 Koalicija-SV
2S35 Koalicija-SV
2S35 Koalicija-SV
2S35 Koalicija-SV
2S35 Koalicija-SV