Emerald MWIR

Manufacturer: Cedip Infrared Systems  
Product type: Night Vision Devices  
Name: Thermal imaging camera  

Emerald MWIR provides high performances, full flexibility, high sensitivity and frame rate to advanced users such as Surveillance & Security integrators. Emerald MWIR is based on a various state of the art, large format sensors in both InSb or MCT technologies.

Customer may select his optic among Cedip choice of lenses or interface his own proprietary lens.

Emerald MWIR comes with its Control&Command software package. Others software packages such as Altair, LabView drivers or Plug-In SDK are also proposed as extra options.

  • Analogue video format - CCIR 50 Hz or RS170 60 Hz

  • Subwindowing capability - Random size

  • Frame rate - Up to 120 Hz

  • Cooling - Integrated Stirling engine

  • FPA format - 640 x 512

  • Spectral band - 3.5 to 5.1 Ám

  • Digital video format - LVDS 14 bits, other formats available

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