Manufacturer: Gavap  
Product type: Training Simulators & Training Aids  
Name: Combat actions training simulator  


Instruction of the shooting and training up to the level of the combat group

Projection on a mural screen of 8m X 2.25m Precision +/- 1 pixel

Permanent controls parameters by the instructor

Available weapons: Famas - FRF1 - MINIMI - AA52 - LRAC89 - RAC112 - AT4CS - PAMAC50 (possibility of others weapons on request)


43 SITTAL NG NG (including 5 Overseas) for the French Army

7 SITTAL for the French Air Force

1 SITTAL for the French Navy

Detailed description

SITTAL NG is a shooting simulator intended for the soldiers instruction. This simulator ensures the soldiers to be involved with the handling of weapons remaining in room. Moreover, the multitude of weapons proposed contributes to a training in various and varied situations. The choice of weapon is done according to the type of desired training. Scenario will be selected according to these 2 parameters..


Data-processing, video, pneumatic concept and mechanics of simulation for the shooting training and learning .


Precision : +/-1 pixel

Permanent control of the following parameters:

  • stick pressure

  • trigger pressure

  • weapon cant

  • breathing control

Results of all the impacts analyzed 1 by 1 on all the gunners and all targets.

Results expressed in %, goal blow, lethal blow, etc...


  • An image is projected on a mural screen of 8m X 2.25m

  • Fire fields images (safety rules training )

  • Various images (desert, small valleys, village, factory, etc.)

  • Various targets will appear and "go up to the attack" towards the pupils (men, armoured tanks, helicopters, etc.)

  • A combat group equipped with modified weapons simulator will react according to the scenario following the directives of the shooting Master , with the actions developed by the concept

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