Manufacturer: ICP  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Mine protected carrier  

The REVA 4x4 MKII offers seating capacity for 10 personnel.

Ten weapons can be used from behind protection at the same time in all round defense, effective defensive armor protection in a solid armor hull with an above average mine protection and ballistic capability.

Tactical engagement can be done effectively as a fire-support base, as well as a gun fire while protected.

Two light machine guns can simultaneously be used and cover a 360-degree on roller bearing turrets.

Maneuverability of the REVA with a top speed of 100 km/h as well as 4x4 low range with a differential lock on the rear wheels that make this vehicle capable for all terrain.

The vehicle has an above-average short turning radius and a very low center of gravity which cause very little body roll and excellent road handling.

The vehicle can be supplied in both left or right hand drive.

The REVA has a standard pulling and towing capability. (Vehicles of own or lesser weight)

The REVA can be supplied in a vehicle recovery model to recover and lift all vehicles less than 7,000 kg.

Radios and Navigation systems are available as optional extra's.

Front mounted spot lights, emergency fuel storage capability and recovery equipment can be added according to the client’s requirement.

Operational range of the vehicle is 500 km on road and 250 km cross-country.

Area of Operations

SETs that run daily mission here are under a constant high threat from the dreaded road side IED. Geographically we mainly operate in open rural and at times baron country side. The Reva is well suited and capable of long distance journeys between FOBs, and save havens. Although not the most comfortable ride for the crew, it is certainly the safest form of ground transportation we have to offer the clients.


Since the introduction of Reva last year, they have been very few occasions when the vehicle has had mechanical failings. It has in general all been routine maintenance issues. Regular vehicle inspections and the fact that we have three SA operators who know the vehicle has led to a highly successful maintenance level.

Load Capacity

The ability to carry up to 10 men (if required) has been seen as a huge advantage to both operators and clients. It now allows us the ability to move more clients to venues and site visits, thus cutting down on mission requests. Coupled with the obvious advantage of cross decking capabilities, this we have first hand experience of.

Intimidating Appearance

This Vehicle looks aggressive and packs a potent punch if challenged. This has given the operators a huge amount of confidence whilst on the ground. The USMC that controls the routes we use have grown to recognize our vehicles, they look military and we certainly get in and out of camps a lot quicker and easier then we did before. The vehicle sits up high from the ground and looks imposing to those around it.

Fire Support Base

Although not thoroughly tested in this region, the bonus of having six vehicles mounted PKMs to win the fire fight, is awesome to say the least. I am positive there have been occasions when an awaiting insurgent force has chose to let us pass unchallenged, because of the possible retaliation by the Reva top gunners. The top gunners have a 360 degree field of view, whilst traveling this gives the ability to respond more quickly to attack and more effectively. Whilst the Reva has two PKMs mounted, the team have two Minimum section weapons in the dismounted role; along with there own personal M4s.

Off Road Capability

The Reva seems to be more robust, when it comes to off road maneuverability. Although of course this is not to be encouraged it has been tested to be more then up to the task, when required to do so.

Team Confidence

Our team has developed and adopted a great understanding for the Reva, and has projected an enormous amount of confidence through training with the team and clients. They are to be complimented on the way they have promoted and convinced his SET that they are working in the most safest, reliable and punchy vehicle on the market.


A number of modifications have been carried out on the Reva, with the up armor to the turret emplacements being the most significant. Resent modifications have included the IR light capability, and the wire cutter arm on the top of the turret. These modifications have all been justified and whilst not wanting to design our very own style of “Fallujah Reva” it has been felt that we need to adopt the vehicle to our environment, based on team and client safety. Further modifications are required soon to the air conditioning vents. This has been requested through G4.

ICP offers a full maintenance package at an additional cost to our clients:

Spacious design to provide easy access for maintenance.

Standard equipped components to be supplied by TATA (Mercedes) Baghdad agents for all vehicle spares. Maintenance and services available at our factory outlets of which one is in Baghdad.

Additional Protection Properties:

The hull of the REVA consists of a "shell" without chassis, both wheel basis built directly onto the hull with a “V”-shape at the bottom of the hull to deflect the mine blast.

We are a professional team, experienced in the field of APC’s and confident that we can meet your requirements by:

  • Supplying a combat ready, yet cost effective, 4x4 APC of superior quality.

  • Manufacture and service the vehicle in the Middle East.

  • Provide a full maintenance and back-up service through local suppliers.

Property Value
Number of wheels
Number of drive wheels
Number of reverse gears
Number of forward gears
Weight (kg)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Max. road range (km)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
GBT-5.9TC (Diesel engine)

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