Manufacturer: Nexter  
Product type: Fire Control Systems  
Name: Fire control system  

Building on their extensive experience in weapon systems development, Nexter has developed the FAST-Hit artillery fire-control system. This is said to combine the flexibility of high performance and easily upgradeable hardware with easier to write specific application programmes.

This aims to break away from the C3I artillery systems, which have a tendency to centralisation. FAST-Hit offers distributed computing that is provided at each level of real management of the parameters and information at its level, while complying with the general rules for the use of artillery.

The modular structure of the system allows for the projection of artillery detachments dimensioned exactly to suite the need defined by the threat and by the mission entrusted to the detachment.

Finally, the interoperability of the system from its concept through to manufacture has been defined to meet all cases from customers wishing to integrate their pieces into C3I artillery of their choice, up to customers requiring a complete system including all the intermediary configurations. FAST-Hit is based on its capability to use any communications and protocol interface level.

Included in:
Product Amount
CAESAR (Self-propelled gun)

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