deFNder™ Light LRWS

Manufacturer: FN Herstal SA  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

FN Herstal provides total protection to the weapon operator with its new Light Remotely operated Weapon Station, which can be easily mounted onto low payload vehicles or installed in a static position.

The LRWS can accept three different FN Herstal's infantry light and medium machine guns, which can be used as dismounted weapons as well. The machine guns are the MINIMI™ 5.56, the MINIMI™ 7.62 or the MAG™.

Applications & Missions Mobile applications: Vehicle-Mounted.

The LRWS can be easily integrated onto all types of low payload vehicles to fulfill various missions such as:

  • Surveillance and observation (reconnaissance)

  • Self-defense

  • Escort

  • Checkpoint Static applications: Perimeter Defense

The LRWS can also be installed on observation towers or onto the roof of buildings to guarantee protection of sensitive buildings, sites or areas, e.g.

  • Embassies or government facilities

  • Military compounds

  • Prisons

  • Border control


The deFNder™ Light consists of two major subassemblies:

Above Deck

  • Armament module

  • Sight module

  • Ammunition box

  • Weapon mount with azimuth and elevation actuators

  • Slip ring

Below Deck

  • Operator console including display for target visualization and engagement

  • Control handle for aiming, firing and sight selection

Benefits Lightweight and Compact

The LRWS fitted with a MINIMI™ 7.62 machine gun fully loaded weighs less than 85 kg and does not exceed 520mm in height in basic configuration. Modular

The LRWS' modular design can integrate any of FN Herstal's infantry machine guns, i.e. MINIMI™ 5.56, MINIMI™ 7.62 or MAG™, onto a same cradle.

Replacement of machine guns takes no longer than a few minutes, with no specific tools required. Versatile

The weapon can be removed in less than 15 seconds for use as a dismounted weapon. Unique Elevation Angles

  • +80° elevation angle

This wide elevation angle is particularly useful in urban warfare when the weapon operator has to engage targets located at the top of high buildings, and during peacekeeping operations where the LRWS shows non-aggressive profile.

  • -60° depression angle

When the LRWS is installed on observation towers, the weapon operator can engage targets standing or moving on the ground. High Hit Probability

The LRWS features a soft mount that minimizes shocks and vibrations, hence guaranteeing high hit probability and reduced collateral damage. Quick Aiming Speed

Quick aiming speed (adjustable) is guaranteed:

  • max. 90°/s for traverse movement

  • max. 90°/s for elevation movement Optimal Target Acquisition

The standard day sight provides Narrow and Wide Field of Views for standard NATO detection, recognition and identification of targets at long ranges.

Various optional sights are available to enhance further target acquisition under all visibility conditions:

  • LLCCD sight

  • IR thermal sight High Reliability

FN Herstal is the only weapon manufacturer on the market that provides the integration of its long-proven weapons onto a remotely operated weapon station. Weapon Management System

  • Ammunition counter

  • End-of-belt cut-off system

  • Adjustable burst length


  • Night sight (LLCCD, IR thermal sight)

  • LASER Range Finder + ballistic computer

  • Ballistic protection STANAG 4569 Level 1

  • Higher capacity ammunition box

  • Firing residues collector

  • Stabilization for firing on the move

  • Interface with sensors (e.g. SADLS, LWR)

  • Remote operation via cable

  • Networkable system linked through vehicle comms

  • Target tracking system

  • Built-in firing mode

  • "Playstation"-type control handle

Property Value
Rate of fire (rds/min)
Ammunition of the main gun
Weight (kg)
Traverse arc (degree)
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Slew rates in Elevation (deg/sec)
Slew rates in Azimuth (deg/sec)
Elevation (degree)
Depression (degree)

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deFNder™ Light LRWS
deFNder™ Light LRWS
deFNder™ Light LRWS
deFNder™ Light LRWS
deFNder™ Light LRWS
deFNder™ Light LRWS
deFNder™ Light LRWS