deFNder™ Medium

Manufacturer: FN Herstal SA  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

The deFNder™ Remote Weapon Stations provide optimized remote firing capability while keeping the operator completely under armor protection in order to meet today's operational requirements.

The deFNder™ family includes the deFNder™ Light and the deFNder™ Medium:

  • The deFNder™ Light is a 100kg class range ROWS. The deFNder™ Light is perfectly suited for integration onto low payload. Thanks to its unique elevation/depression angles, the deFNder™ Light is also well suited for fixed site protection applications and urban warfare.

  • The The deFNder™ Medium is a 200kg class range ROWS. It is a must for integration onto light, medium and heavy payload vehicles. Its versatility, payload capability and elevation angles are unique. It can be equipped with an impressive list of weapons and optional equipment. Integration of .50 cal M3P machine gun is an exclusivity of FN Herstal.


The deFNder™ Medium is capable of fullfilling a wide range of missions such as:

  • Self-defense, infantry fire support and combat missions - also in urban environment - when mounted onto light, medium or heavy vehicles

  • Surveillance and observation

  • Escort

  • Checkpoint

  • Perimeter defense

Outstanding Characteristics

  • Unmatched payload capability: 225 kg for optional equipement

  • Elevation/depression angles: [-45°; +73°]

  • Lightweight: less than 125kg, excl. weapon and ammunition

  • Low silhouette "above deck": less than 640mm high

Product Configuration

Main components of the standard deFNder™ Medium:

  • CCD + IR thermal uncooled camera for day/night use

  • Ammunition box with capacity of 200 rounds of .50 cal

  • Soft recoil mount on universal cradle

  • Electrical recocking actuator

  • Motion actuators

  • Slip ring

  • Operator console and control handle


  • IR thermal cooled cameras

  • LRF + ballistic computer

  • Two-axis gyroscopic stabilization

  • Add-on modular balistic protection (STANAG 4569 Level 1 or level 2)

  • Higher ammunition box capacity up to 500 rounds of .50 cal

  • Smoke grenade launcher kits

  • Interface with various sensors (e.g. SADLS, LWR)

  • Weapon protective cover

  • Target tracking and autoscan

Property Value
Traverse arc (degree)
Weight (kg)
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Height (mm)
Ammunition of the main gun
Depression (degree)
Elevation (degree)

Included in:
Product Amount
ARIVE (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
THeMIS (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

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deFNder™ Medium
deFNder™ Medium
deFNder™ Medium
deFNder™ Medium
deFNder™ Medium
deFNder™ Medium