Manufacturer: Plasan Sasa Ltd.  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Flexible Armour  

Israeli company Plasan has completed development and testing of a survivability system called FlexFence, which has been developed in consultation with potential customers, with more than 100 tests carried out during the trials programme.

FlexFence has been designed to defeat the Russian RPG-7 rocketpropelled grenade (RPG) fitted with a high explosive anti-tank warhead. According to Plasan, its FlexFence system is not only lighter than the widely deployed bar armour, but is more effective and cheaper. Bar armour is effective against about 60 per cent of incoming RPGs.

Exact details remain classified but it is understood to include fabrics and metal elements, which neutralise the warhead without detonation.

The system can be tailored to meet the specific platform and is attached to the hull using Velcro.

Each module is about 200mm thick and weighs about 10kg/m2.

FlexFence is designed for installation on lighter vehicles such as the Sandcat, which cannot be fitted with traditional heavier armour.

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