Manufacturer: Oto Melara SpA  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Owerhead weapon station  

HITROLE® is one-man, electrically power-operated turret for light vehicles, consisting of a 12.7 (or 7.62) mm machine gun or 40 AGL overhead and an under armour control system.

The traversing support is completely external to the vehicle's roof; the control system is housed inside the crew compartment where the gunner sits and remains stationary independently from the gun movements in azimuth and elevation.

The low weight and the small race ring dimension make the turret particularly suitable for installation on light armoured vehicles, recce and command vehicles, both wheeled and tracked, for which the operational tasks require the crew to be in a protected and fixed position.

Sighting is performed by means of a mechanical linked sight composed of day/night cameras and LRF in accordance with customer's requirements (day-TV, IL-TV, IR-TV, LRF are available). A special aiming periscope, with fixed ocular while the output axis (line of sight) rotates with the turret and moves in elevation parallel to the gun, can be installed as back-up (option).

Firing and turret movements are carried out electrically by the operator through a control panel and a joystick from a remote position.

The machine gun is recocked from inside the vehicle and is fitted with a firing solenoid for firing by remote control. Feeding of ammunition is performed through a flexible duct.

The belted rounds are contained in ammunition boxes, and can be reloaded from inside the vehicle.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)

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