Manufacturer: ASELSAN inc.  
Product type: Electronics & Computers  
Name: Control system  

In accordance with the redundant system architecture, Gunner's and the Commander's Periscope Electronic Units (PEU) are identical and can easily be replaced.

By the aid of recent technologies, all the LRU's of the fire control systems of the third generation main battle tanks are scaled down into PCB's. In addition, variant system functions such as thermal imaging, sight stabilization, gun/turret stabilization, automatic target tracking, and ballistic computation will be accomplished by running appropriate software on a standard processor card. By this way, when either gunner or commander periscopes has a failure, a system will be rapidly built up with the operational electronic cards of these two systems.

The following functions are implemented by both of PEUs:

  • Image Processing on IR and TV Videos

  • Automatic: Target Tracking

  • Sight Stabilization

  • Gun/Turret Stabilization

  • Ballistic Computation

  • Coincedence Algorithm

  • Electronic Zoom

  • Automatic Gyro Drift Compensation

  • Symbology Generation

  • Data Communication

Other functions:

  • MHL-STD 1275D compatible, 28 VDC Input

  • Ethernet and RS422 Communication Interface

  • Video and Control Test Interface

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