Manufacturer: PRO OPTICA  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  

ANUBIS is a Remotely Controlled Weapon Station designed for observation and firing towards terrestrial and aerial targets.

ANUBIS may be operated using cal. 12,7 x 99 mm, or cal. 7,62 x 51 mm machine guns; brackets for both the weapons and ammunitions boxes are provided and easily replaceable.

ANUBIS can be mounted on tracked and wheeled vehicles, providing continuous fire command and control, day and night, in harsh environmental conditions (dust, smoke, fog), with a high probability to discover and destroy the enemy targets.

ANUBIS ensures gunner protection under the vehicle armor during aiming and firing.

ANUBIS provides battlefield observation with day CCD Camera and Thermal Camera, with image received on a multifunctional display, mounted inside the vehicle. The gun and optronics movements as well as positioning control are achieved through a joystick located inside the vehicle, at gunnerís place.

ANUBIS is electrically controlled in the basic mode. It may be manually controlled too, as an auxiliary backup mode.

Main Components & Features

Outside the vehicle weapon patform containing:

  • Grenade launchers cal. 40mm (8 pcs.)

Ė Optional Sensor Unit (optional with autotracking and electronic stabilization): Color CCD camera; Uncooled Thermal Camera (TC); Laser Range-finder (LRF)

  • Azimuth and elevation actuating system

  • Stabilization system

  • Ammunition feeding system

Inside the vehicle:

  • Gunnerís Workstation: Computer-Display Unit(CDU); Operatorís control unit(OCU)

  • Power distribution block

  • Manual control block

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Planes of gun stabilization
Weight (kg)
Depression (degree)
Elevation (degree)

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