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Armoured Vehicles
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BAE Systems is a leader in the design, development and production of combat vehicles, artillery, naval guns, missile launchers and precision munitions used by the U.S. Department of Defense and allies worldwide. For many of its key U.S. Department of Defense programs, BAE Systems Land and Armaments is the sole-source prime contractor and systems integrator. The company's 8,000 employees are recognized for their outstanding research and development efforts in key technologies, development of combat system operating software and highly efficient manufacturing processes.

? (Autoloader)
? (Cab)
? (Modernization of protection)
? (Turret)
AAVC7A1 (Command vehicle)
AAVP7A1 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
AAVR7A1 (Repair and recovery vehicle)
AMEV (Ambulance vehicle)
AMPV (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
AMTV (Ambulance vehicle)
ARV (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
BATS (Crew training simulator)
Black Knight ARCV (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
Bradley AMEV (Ambulance vehicle)
Bradley AMTV (Ambulance vehicle)
Bradley BCP (Command vehicle)
Bradley BMV (Self-propelled mortar)
Bradley M2A3/M3A3 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Bradley M2A1/M3A1 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Bradley M2/M3 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Bradley M2A2/M3A2 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Bradley M2A3 (Modernization of the vehicle)
Bradley M6 Linebacker (Anti-aircraft system)
Bradley M7 (Observation Post Vehicle)
BUSK (Modernization of protection)
Caiman MRAP (Mine protected carrier)
Caiman MTV (Mine protected carrier)
CC (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
COFT (Crew training simulator)
CRUSADER RSM XM2002 (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
CRUSADER RSV-TXM2002 (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
CRUSADER RSM XM2003 (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
CRUSADER SPH XM2001 (Self-propelled howitzer)
CV (Battle control vehicle)
EITAS (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
ESV (Engineer vehicle)
FCS (Development)
FCS-T (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
FCS-W (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
FMTV A1R (Truck)
FSV (Fire support vehicle)
Geniepanzer 63 (Anti-aircraft system)
Gladiator TUGV (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)
HAZMAT (Nuclear/biological/chemical reconnaissance vehicle)
L-ROD (Protective screen)
Lancer (Fire support vehicle)
LP (Infantry fighting vehicle)
LP M8 AGS (Light tank)
LRAS3 (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
Lynx (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
M-92 (Anti-aircraft system)
M106 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M1064 (Self-propelled mortar)
M1064A3 (Mortar vehicle)
M107 (Self-propelled howitzer)
M109A1 (Self-propelled howitzer)
M109A2 (Self-propelled howitzer)
M109A5 (Self-propelled howitzer)
M109A6 Paladin (Self-propelled howitzer)
M109A7 (Self-propelled howitzer)
M110A2 (Self-propelled howitzer)
m113 (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
M113 (Engineer vehicle)
M113 (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
M113 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M113 C+R (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
M113 VADS (Anti-aircraft system)
M113A1 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M113A2 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M113A3 (Modernization of the vehicle)
M113A3 (Modernization of the vehicle)
M113A3 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M113G (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M113MCP (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M132 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M4 (Command vehicle)
M548 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M577 (Command vehicle)
M579 (Repair and recovery vehicle)
M6 Linebacker (Self-propelled antitank guided missile system)
M7 BFIST (Fire support vehicle)
M806 (Repair and recovery vehicle)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle)
M992A2 (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
MC (Mortar vehicle)
MEV (Ambulance vehicle)
MICV XM723 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
MTVL (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
RRV (Repair and recovery vehicle)
Schutzenpanzer 63/73 (Anti-aircraft system)
Valanx (Armoured car)
XM1204 NLOS-M (Self-propelled mortar)
XM734 (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
XM777 (Gun-howitzer)
YPR 765 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
YPR-806 PRBRG (Repair and recovery vehicle)
Ờ 765 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
Ờ1203 NLOS-C (Self-propelled howitzer)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
AMPV (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 289
Jun 2019
(Jun 2021)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle)  
Apr 2017
(Dec 2018)
M577 (Command vehicle) 168
Nov 2016
(Dec 2018)
Caiman MRAP (Mine protected carrier) 11
Dec 2015
(Jan 2016)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle) 36
Jul 2015
(Oct 2017)
AMPV (Tracked armoured personnel carrier) 29
Dec 2014
(Jun 2019)
M109A7 (Self-propelled howitzer) 36
Nov 2014
(Nov 2017)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle) 11
Apr 2013
(Mar 2014)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle) 8
Oct 2012
(Jun 2014)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle) 45
Aug 2011
(Dec 2013)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle) 43
Jul 2011
(Dec 2013)
M109A5 (Self-propelled howitzer) 24
May 2010
(Dec 2013)
M88A2 Hercules (Repair and recovery vehicle) 8
Jan 2010
(Dec 2010)
FMTV A1R (Truck) 38
Apr 2008
(Nov 2008)
BUSK (Modernization of protection) 952
Feb 2008
(Jul 2008)
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