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First Turkish 'Armored Internal Security Vehicle' designed by Otokar

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Otokar, the leader manufacturer of the Turkish Defense Industry added a new armored vehicle among the globally known and preferred others. Otokar's new vehicle designed by the Otokar engineers according to developing homeland security concept.

The world wide presentation of the new vehicle will take place in IDEF 2005 Defense Industry Fair in Ankara between 27 and 30 September 2005.

Regarding to the new Otokar design armored vehicle Mr.Serdar Gorguç, Assistant General Manager of Otokar told the following:"The homeland security concept has totally changed in recent years with the different types of demands like new requirements, new design and new technologies. As the Homeland Security has become very important around the world, new demands started to emerge concerning a new vehicle suitable for these purposes. Otokar Armored Internal Security Vehicle is designed following this global requirements and these developments. With this vehicle, our primary objective is export markets. Otokar Armored Internal Security Vehicle perfectly matches with our objective and strategy which is to grow in defence and export markets."

With a capacity of 13 personnel, for long-waiting missions, the vehicle has an auxilary power unit for equipments like air conditioner, refrigerator and hot water in order to keep the personnel in top condition and ready for mission in a comfortable way. On board mission equipment arrangement and high seating position of the personnel help to observe what's happening outside and ease the work of the personnel for analyzing the situation and planning.

Otokar Armored Internal Security Vehicle has a specially designed body for a usage in urban and residential areas, the number of the doors provides quick and easy access to the vehicle, and the smooth side body design makes it almost impossible to climb on the vehicle.

Besides, the high profile body design of the vehicle plays a discouraging and deterrent role and facilitates the security forces missions.

Otokar Internal Security Vehicle can be offered with different equipments and accessories on the same body and different versions suitable for different missions. For operation planning it can be arranged for a command vehicle role for 7 people with fax, computer, working table, wireless communication table and backup power supply or it can be designed for an explosive ordinance disposal vehicle which can tow the 2 ton bomb disposal trailer for the bomb disposal squad. In addition to these there can be different versions of the Internal Security Vehicle like Reconnaissance / Surveillance and Water Canon.

The most important feature of the Otokar Internal Security Vehicle is its bolt on armour which forms an additional protection against rifles and explosions.

Otokar Internal Security Vehicle is not designed only for city usage, but also with the help of the excellent off-road performance; it can be adapted to all kind of off-road operations. The vehicle has a very effective 4x4 traction and control capacity, these features provides excellent performance. Optional automatic transmission gives a very controlled off-road driving experience. With the help of the long travel suspension tires may contact with the ground even in the adverse off-road conditions. With special differential system Otokar Internal Security Vehicle has the best off-road ability in its class.

With 4x4 engine Internal Security Vehicle can climb a 60 degree slope, and easily advance across a 30 degree side slope, the vehicle has a maximum wading depth of 1 meter. The vehicle offers a maximum speed of 110 km/h on road and a range of 680 km with full fuel tank, while the engine produces 286 hp.


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