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KMW Develops New Vehicle

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Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has received an order from Bundesamt fur Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) (Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement) to deliver an innovative, highly protected vehicle.

The vehicle designated "GRIZZLY" affords its crew optimum protection, especially against explosive devices, mines and direct fire. The innovative concept fully meets the schedule of requirements of the German Army, and the increasing needs of NATO and UN forces for peacekeeping missions worldwide as well.

The "GRIZZLY" is to be tested as part of the current procurement project of the German Army covering Class 4 protected command and role-specific vehicles in (highly protected vehicles) with a gross vehicle weight of 25 tons. It thus closes an existing gap in the German Army's vehicle programme between the DINGO 2 (12.5 tons) and the 33-ton BOXER. The first vehicle will be delivered as early as November 2007.

High payload and flexibility

The GRIZZLY offers space for 10 fully equipped soldiers. With its payload, it therefore exceeds by more than 50% the 3 tons required in the RFP. As against conventional vehicles, it also stands out for an innovative protection concept for the vehicle crew. Driver's station and crew compartment form an integral safety cell which, in addition to ballistic threats, projectiles, missiles and mines, above all affords optimum protection against homemade explosive devices (Improvised Explosive Devices). Special stiffening elements developed by KMW protect the crew from injuries even in a rollover accident. Moreover, engine and transmission are ballistically protected.

A further plus is the flexibility of KMW's vehicle concept. Its dimensions make the GRIZZLY air portable on A 400 M transport aircraft.

Modular system permits different versions at reasonable cost

Following the successful completion of the trials, the GRIZZLY will be available in a large number of versions. In addition to the highly protected transport versions, they will also include ambulance and command post variants. The KMW-developed intelligent modular system, in addition to the 6x6 version to be delivered under the production contract, also permits the construction of a smaller 4x4 model as well as an 8x8 type of correspondingly higher payload.

The engine output of 331 kW accelerates the GRIZZLY up to 90 kph with a radius of action of more than 700 km. The vehicle thus sets new standards in the GFF 4 class.

The GRIZZLY concept optimally meets the currently increased requirements established by land forces in terms of technical performance capability, mission flexibility and above all crew protection.

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