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SOE KMDB Is Authorised to Export Armoured Vehicles Without Mediation of Specialised Government Agencies

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Ukraine's leader in the development and production of armoured vehicles and artllery systems State-Owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau has been included into the list of Ukrainian enterprises that are allowed to export defence-related products without mediation of Ukrainian specialised government agencies.

The SOE KMDB is well known for its developments in the area of armoured vehicles. This year the Design Bureau will celebrate its 80th anniversary. During these years, the enterprise managed to create world-known vehicles T-34, T-54, T-64, etc.

Nowadays the product range of the SOE KMDB includes armoured vehicles of various types - Dozor-B (4 x 4) and BTR-4 (8 x 8) armoured personnel carriers, Oplot and Yatagan main battle tanks, heavy infantry fighting vehicles, armoured repair and recovery vehicles, etc. The enterprise also designs and produces a number of remote-controlled weapon stations that are fitted with armament with calibre of 12.7 to 30 mm, anti-tank guided missiles and grenade launchers (various options are available). Besides, the Design Bureau has a wide experience in upgrading armoured vehicles as well as developing and producing various training aids (computer-based training simulators and operating models).

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