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ex-Cockerill Mechanical Industries SA


CMI, standing for Cockerill Mechanical Industries, is an international group specialising in mechanical engineering and services. CMI is mainly active in the field of Energy, Metallurgy, Defence and Transportation. Since the seventies, CMI-Defence has specialised in weapon systems for Light Armoured Vehicles. We are now recognised as the world leader in 90mm calibre gun systems, two of which are the COCKERILL MK3M-A1 and CSE 90 turret and the COCKERILL Mk8 90mm gun and LCTS turret.

CMI is headquartered in Seraing, Belgium, and employs 1500 highly qualified people around the world. The average turnover is in the range of 250 million USD per year, obtained mainly on the international market. CMI is affiliated to the French group USINOR, now the biggest steel producer in the world.


CMI Defence mainly promotes 2 families of 90mm calibre weapon systems.


This is the latest development of our COCKERILL Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 90mm low-pressure gun family. More than 2,000 guns of this family are in operation all around the world on various vehicles including ALVIS Scorpion, TEXTRON/CADILLAC GAGE V-150 and V-300, AV-TECHNOLOGY Dragoon, ENGESA Cascavel and Urutus, etc.

Light, compact, with a smooth but short recoil, easy and economical to operate and maintain, and capable of firing a wide range of ammunition including APFSDS-T, it has proved to be an ideal weapon for vehicles of 7.5 tons and above.

The COCKERILL Mk3-MA1 90mm gun is either sold independently or incorporated in the CSE 90 turret, a two-man turret of classical architecture especially developed for it. The CSE equipment can be precisely tailored according to the user's requirements and budgetary constraints with Electro-mechanical power drives, day/night gunner and commander sights associated to a laser range finder and ballistic computer.

One hundred and sixty-two CSE 90 turrets have been produced and fielded in Malaysia on the SIBMAS 6X6.

It is usually associated to the CMI LCTS 90 turret, a two-man turret that can be equipped with sophisticated equipment, such as:

A fully stabilised day/night (thermal) gunner sight with Laser Range Finder and Ballistic Computer for firing on the move and at moving targets

A fully stabilised panoramic commander sight offering almost hunter-killer capabilities

The LCTS 90 turret / Mk8 gun system is fielded in Qatar and Kuwait and has been delivered for the Saudi Arabia National Guard under a FMS program.


CMI-Defence also use their experience in turrets and guns for light armoured vehicles to offer up grading / up gunning packages for various existing turrets. As examples, let us mention:

A 90 mm conversion for the Scorpion 76mm with our Cockerill Mk3M-A1 90mm gun, including the installation of an Electro-Mechanical Power Drive and upgrading of the Firing Control System

An upgrading package for the Cadillac Gage 90mm turret of the V-150 and V-300, including the upgrade of the Cockerill Mk2 90mm gun, with installation of an Electro-Mechanical Power Drive and upgrading of the Firing Control System

An upgrading package for the Engesa EC-90 turret of the Cascavel, including the upgrade of the Cockerill Mk2 90mm gun, with installation of an Electro-Mechanical Power Drive and upgrading of the Firing Control System

90mm re-gunning of the Russian PT-76 light tank with our Cockerill Mk3M-A2 or Mk8-A2 90mm gun, and including the upgrade of the Firing Control System

90mm re-gunning of the French AMX-13 light tank using a Cockerill Mk3-A4 or Cockerill Mk8-A4 barrels, and including an upgrade of the Firing Control System.

? (Remote controlled weapon station)
CM-90 (Turret)
Cockerill 3000 (Turret)
CPWS (Turret)
CPWS Gen.2 (Turret)
CSE 90LP (Antitank turret)
CT-CV 105HP (Antitank turret)
CV (Gun)
EWS (Turret)
FN 4 RM62 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
LCTS 90MP (Antitank turret)
Mk3M-A1 (Gun)
Mk8 (Gun)
SIBMAS (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
SIBMAS AFSV-90 (Fire support vehicle)
SIBMAS ARV (Repair and recovery vehicle)
XC-8-105 (Antitank turret)
XC-8-120 (Antitank turret)
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