Falcon II RF-5800V-PR

Manufacturer: Harris Corporation  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Power Unit  

The RF-5800V-PA is a high-performance VHF power amplifier for use in vehicle or base-station radio systems. The power amplifier complements a FALCON® II VHF manpack or handheld transceiver by supplying additional RF power for increased range and link reliability.

The RF-5800V-PA covers the entire 30 to 108 MHz frequency band, and can supply a full 50 watts of forward power under demanding VSWR conditions. The unit contains frequency agile RF filters to provide excellent collocation performance in both fixed frequency and fast frequency-hopping modes.

When used with the RF-5800V-HH, the power amplifier may be mounted up to 25 feet (7.5 m) away from the transceiver. This allows full control of the radio system from a location convenient to the operator. The handheld transceiver mount has a small footprint to maximize the operator's workspace.

The RF-5800V-PA provides "jerk and run" operation: the manpack or handheld transceiver can be quickly removed and used as a stand-alone radio. An audio speaker interface and an Ethernet interface for connection to Local Area Networks (when used with an RF-5800V-MP) are also included.

RF-5800V 50-watt systems support all modes and features of the FALCON® II VHF radios, including fast frequency hopping and packet data mode. The radio systems are designed for easy installation in tactical vehicles or operation centers to provide secure voice services and complement information systems such as email, situational awareness, image/video transmission, and file transfer.

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Falcon II RF-5800V-PR
Falcon II RF-5800V-PR