Mbombe 6

Manufacturer: Paramount Group  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Mine protected carrier  

Mbombe offers STANAG Level 4 KE protection, STANAG Level IV mine blast protection and protection against RPG and IED as standard.

The Mbombe Armoured Fighting Vehicle fitted with the 30mm Overhead Weapon Station was launched at AAD 2010 and represents the Paramount Groupís newest vehicle model.

The Mbombe is a mine-protected, high-mobility, armoured fighting vehicle, which can be easily adapted to fill a wide range of operational roles.

It uses an innovative design and technology to reduce the overall height while maintaining the very high levels of blast protection for which all Paramount vehicles are famous.

Mbombe is a 6x6 vehicle able to carry considerable loads over all types of terrain without loss of mobility. The three axles give it excellent cross- country performance and make it an exceptionally versatile platform that can be modified to meet the exacting requirements of military operations anywhere in the world. Depending on the role, Mbombe can be configured as a simple Armoured Personnel Carrier or a highly effective Armoured Combat Vehicle mounting a heavy machine gun or autocannon. In these roles it is suitable for use in conventional war, non-conventional war and counter-insurgency operations. It can also be fitted and equipped with a day/night vision capability and sensors to extend the ranges of observation and engagement if these are requested by the customer.

The design features optimal axle/ wheelstation spacing with driver and commander seated just behind the leading axle. The body of the vehicle provides ample space for the gunner and eight fully equipped infantrymen, but it can also be fitted out as a command vehicle, ambulance or any other variant. This provides maximum commonality and reduces the overall cost of buying, owning and using Mbombe in any army.

The Mbombe provides outstanding blast protection paired with excellent levels of protection against kinetic attack. The low silhouette is the latest addition to the expanding range of armoured vehicles being marketed by the Paramount Group offers a reduced target to enemy gunners and the armoured hull provides excellent stopping power against ballistic attack in excess of STANAG 4569 Level 4.

Mbombe is designed to STANAG 4569 Level 4 and can withstand the explosion of anti-tank mines under its hull or under any wheel station. The anti-blast seats are designed to prevent damage to the crew from the extreme acceleration following an explosion beside or under the vehicle.

As standard, the Mbombe offers all- round crew protection against RPG threats and the special protection modules provide protection against IEDs.

Mbombe has been designed with sufficient power in hand such that it retains its outstanding mobility characteristics even when it is configured as an AFV carrying a modern automatic cannon.


Mbombe is a highly agile infantry fighting vehicle offering outstanding protection, mobility and firepower. It is designed to provide unrivalled protection against land mines, lEDs, side blasts and RPG attacks. This is achieved by revolutionary new technology that provides outstanding mine protection (STANAG 4569 level 4a and 4b) without resorting to the traditional V-shape design. The mine protected flat bottom hull reduces Mbombe's silhouette to under 2.4 m, which delivers significant benefits in combat and against IED attacks. The vehicle comes as standard with a high level of protection against kinetic energy and blast attacks. It is fully qualified to STANAG specifications.

Mbombe is a flexible battlefield tool for conventional, asymmetric warfare, counter-terrorism and peacekeeping missions. It can be configured as an armoured personnel carrier or as a highly effective armoured fighting vehicle, mounting a heavy machine gun or automatic cannon/remote weapon station. However, it can be customised to meet the exact requirements of clients, for operations anywhere in the world.

There is ample space for the driver, commander, gunner and eight fully equipped infantrymen together with tools, ammunition and equipment. The side-by-side driver and co-driver configuration increases situational awareness. The "open plan" rear section lends itself to variant configuration such as command vehicle, armoured ambulance and mobile mortar system. Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) automotive assemblies and components selected from volume manufacturers reduce the cost of ownership and operation and increase vehicle availability on the battlefield.


All of Paramount's vehicles can befitted with a weapon system. On Mbombe, the weapon can range from a 7.62 mm machine gun on a simple "pintle mount" right up to a 30 mm fully automatic cannon, with two-dimensional stabilisation and a true all weather, night-fighting capability. Anti-tank missile turrets can also be fitted.

Turret designs and capabilities will vary according to customer requirements, including the calibre of the weapon system and whether the system is mechanically operated, electronically driven, or even a remotely operated weapon station. A range of further enhancements can be integrated to include missile systems and defensive aids suites.


Mbombe is designed with impressive power to retain its outstanding mobility characteristics even when combat laden and configured as an infantry fighting vehicle carrying a modern automatic cannon. The 6 x 6 vehicle is able to carry considerable payloads over all types of terrain without loss of mobility and the three axles provide excellent cross-country performance, delivering a highly versatile platform.


The basic Mbombe model provides outstanding blast protection paired with excellent levels of protection against kinetic attack. The low silhouette offers a reduced target to enemy gunners and reduces the effect of side blasts/lEDs. The armoured hull provides excellent stopping power against ballistic attack (STANAG 4569 level 3 as standard) and anti-tank land mine explosions under its flat hull or under any wheel station (STANAG level 4a and 4b).

Anti-blast seats are designed to prevent injury to the crew from the extreme acceleration following an explosion beside or under the vehicle. Extra protection can be added in a modular manner to give added defence against RPG, 14.5 mm ballistic threats and specific threats to user requirement.

Unique flat floor provides protection against mine blasts and delivers a reduced silhouette.



In APC configuration Mbombe retains its optimised protection profile and is usually equipped with a light machine gun for self-protection. However, it has a higher payload allowing the application of additional protection for operations in IED-threatened peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations.

The APC is eminently suited to peacekeeping operations and for applications such as command posts, fire control centres, ambulances, technical support vehicles and the like.

With its ability to accept in-theatre upgrades to weapon systems up to 30 mm, the Mbombe APC can readily be reconfigured for applications where greater firepower is required without an increase in logistic support requirements or the introduction of a new vehicle.

Infantry Fire Support Vehicle

The Mbombe Infantry Fire Support Vehicle (IFSV) is configured for this role and fitted with a 30 mm cannon in a manned or remote turret with the weapon operator under armour in both configurations. A co-axial 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun may be provided for close-in fire support.

The weapon system includes a day/night video camera and sight for observation and for target identification, acquisition and engagement. Accuracy and first round hit capability is enhanced through the provision of a laser range finder.

In IFSV configuration Mbombe carries a greater amount of ammunition and has a crew of two plus one gunner plus eight man infantry section.

Command Vehicle

The Mbombe Command Variant is equipped with a full command suite to client specifications, which includes communications and other electronic equipment, primarily for forward command and control in combat units at battalion or company level (or similar). Optional additional facilities include an auxiliary power unit, telescopic mast and others. Command stations within the vehicle include workstations, communications interfaces and appropriate seating without adversely affecting protection, mobility and other attributes.

Full command facilities are available while the vehicle is static or on the move and in standard configuration, the Command Variant is virtually indistinguishable from other Mbombe vehicles, enhancing its security and protection. Armoured Command Post facilities at unit (battalion level) will often be provided by the APC version.

While normally fitted with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun in a remote weapon station as its main weapon, the Command Vehicle retains the ability to carry and employ selected weapon payloads.

Mbombe 120 Mortar

The Mbombe 120 Mortar variant carries a muzzle-loading 120 mm mortar for the provision of indirect fire support within the unit (battalion) or at formation level.

Full fire control and inter-vehicle fire coordination facilities and communications are provided and configured to enable "shoot 'n scoot" actions.

The vehicle has the same protection levels and mobility as other Mbombe variants that it supports and retains commonality across the total vehicle support spectrum. Operation of the weapon itself is within manufacturer specifications and requirements with only a brief orientation and conversion period required.

Anti-armour Fire Support Vehicle

The Mbombe Anti-armour Fire Support Vehicle (AAFSV) is fitted with an anti-armour missile launching remote weapon turret for the protection of infantry units against armour threats. The system has full day/night capability with ranges up to 5 000 m and is fitted with a 12.7 mm co-axial machine gun.

The AAFSV has the same protection and mobility as other Mbombe variants so that it can keep up with mobile forces to provide flank protection and to move rapidly into position to counter armour threats. The AAFSV can also be successfully employed against other hard targets such as weapon emplacements and to counter enemy anti-armour fire.

While the Mbombe's ample transparent armour offers wide fields of view for target location and identification, the missiles are remotely launched allowing engagement from hull-down positions, which is enhanced by Mbombe's low hull profile.

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