Cockerill 3000

Manufacturer: CMI Defence  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Turret  

Infantry-led mounted and dismounted operations are in ever greater need of effective fire support. Peacekeeping, reconnaissance and counter-insurgency operations have the same need.

To meet this need, CMI Defence has developed the new Cockerill 3000 Series weapon system.

This unique system comprises a single, common core platform that supports a large variety of configurations and capabilities, from 25mm infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to 105mm direct fire support vehicle.

The new Cockerill 3000 series product is displayed at the IDEX-2015 in two-man 30/40mm form ("Cockerill 3030/40") on the General Dynamics European Land Systems Desert Piranha chassis.

The Cockerill 3000 Series is a unique new turret product from CMI Defence. Conceived to deliver unprecedented levels of value to the user, the Cockerill 3000 series:

  • Delivers cutting-edge day/night, stabilised, high-precision weapon system capability

  • Is a single modular, common core platform that provides a single common heart to many products and variants

  • Can be readily configured and re-configured as necessary through-life, according to role and operational demand

  • Interchangeably accepts a wide range of weapon types and caliberres, from 25mm automatic cannon to 105mm NATO-standard tank gun

  • Offers significant reductions in whole-life cost and increases in operational flexibility

  • Is now sold in several different configurations and entering production

Included in:
Product Amount
Desert Piranha 5 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)

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Cockerill 3000
Cockerill 3000
Cockerill 3000