Manufacturer: Motovilikha Plants Corporation  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Self-propelled mortar  

The 120-mm 2S23 self-propelled howitzer/mortar system is essentially a modified version of the turret used with the 2S9 system mounted on a modified BTR-80 (8 x 8) armored personnel carrier chassis.

The all-welded steel turret of the 2S23 does differ from that observed on the 2S9 (SO-120) in a number of areas including the installation of three electrically operated smoke dischargers either side of the turret firing forwards and a raised commander's cupola towards the rear of the turret on the left side which overhangs the side of the turret.

On the 2S23 the infra-red searchlight is mounted on the forward part of the commander's cupola which is also provided with vision devices. Forward of the cupola is a 7.62-mm pintle-mounted machine gun.

The turret is also provided with vision blocks for direct observation. The 120-mm main armament, designated the 2A60, has a maximum range of 8000-m with a maximum rate of fire being 6 to 8 rds/min.

In addition to firing former Soviet 120-mm mortar bombs, the 120-mm weapon of the 2S23 can also fire mortar bombs fired by the French Thomson-Brandt MO-120-RT-61 mortar system that is used by many countries around the world. This fires a wide range of mortar bombs including HE, HE extended range, illuminating and smoke.

The direct fire sight is located to the left of the 120-mm main armament while the indirect fire sight is mounted in the turret roof on the left side. The indirect sight housing of the 2S23 appears to be slightly different from that of the earlier 2S9 (SO-120) system. Although the chassis of the 2S23 is similar to that of the BTR-80 it does have a number of differences including removal of all firing ports and their associated vision devices, removal of the side doors between the second and third road wheels, different roof hatches and removal of the commander's roof-mounted infra-red searchlight.

Although the doors in the upper hull sides have been removed, a door is fitted in the lower part of the hull between the second and third wheels as an emergency exit. The 2S23 retains the amphibious characteristics of the original BTR-80 and has a single water-jet at the rear of the hull with a trim vane being mounted on the front of the vehicle. This folds back onto the glacis plate when not required.

Standard equipment on the 2S23 includes an NBC system, night vision equipment and a central tire pressure regulation system that allows the driver to adjust the tire pressure to suit the type of ground being crossed.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
2A60 (Mortar)
2S23 (Turret)
TVK-1 (Driver's vision device)

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