Manufacturer: FOSTER-MILLER, INC.  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ballistic protection  

LAST Armor has been field proven with the USMC LAV-25 in Pacific, SWA and Mediterranean theaters and with the Canadian Army in Bosnia and Croatia.

Unique LAST Armor Benefits include:

  • Initial costs are low - No vehicle modification is necessary

  • Supplied as a crew installed kit for specific vehicles or in bulk for repair/upgrade

  • Comprised of three simple parts. Kit design and logistics support costs are minimal

  • Installation is quick & simple. Kits can be stockpiled until needed and installed by vehicle crew within a few hours.

  • Tactical needs can be addressed with less than a full complement of kits since vehicles can be upgraded as they are deployed forward.

  • Kits procured for a particular vehicle can easily be reconfigured for other vehicles as tactical requirements change.

  • Protection against 7.62mm(AP) through 30mm(AP) KE rounds has been demonstrated in U.S. Government tests on light steel, aluminum, and GRP hulls.

  • Protection level can be varied at will in response to evolving threats.

LAST Armor causes minimal changes to the vehicle envelope or signature. The vehicles pictured here are fully up-armored with an envelope increase of only 2 cm. (3/4 in.) with only 360 Kg (800 lbs) additional weight for the USMC LAV and the French Army’s VAB.

Once produced and inventoried, LAST Armor can easily be reconfigured to other vehicles as required by evolving threats.

Simple geometry and unique surface fastener makes installation simple. Pressure sensitive adhesive makes hull upgrade easy. Generic tiles enable custom tailoring of protection by stacking. Ballistic cover offers opportunity for camouflage or signature management.

Government Ballistic tests prove LAST Armor's protection against 7.62mm(AP) through 30mm(AP) KE rounds. Shown here is a defeated .50 cal(AP) fired at 0m range, 0° obliquity. Repair of this damage can be accomplished in under 5 min. with common tools and materials.

LAST Armor provides light weight protection for weapons systems. It requires no expensive design or development. It is installed by vehicle crew without cutting, drilling, welding or bolting.

For the AM General HMMWV, the complete kit includes the following subsystems:

(1) Exterior blast deflector (left and right rear)

(2) Armoured tailgate

(3) Rear seats (left and right)

(4) Rear floor pans (left and right)

(5) Door armour panels (all four doors)

(6) Windscreen armour

(7) Front seats (left and right)

(8) Front door pan (left and right)

(9) Exterior blast panel (right front).

The complete kit weighs less than 456 kg and no vehicle structure modifications are required. It can be installed on the vehicle in less than one day with no special tooling required. It provides protection against

small arms fire, mine blast and mine fragments. Several levels of ballistic protection are available.

Simula Government Products Inc has developed a REtrofittable Modular Armor Kit (REMAK) for not only the AM General HMMWV but also for the M900 series (6x6) truck cab and the cab of the more recent Stewart & Stevenson Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (4x4 and 6x6) now in service with the US Army.

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