Manufacturer: Steyr Motors GmbH  
Product type: Engine and Systems  
Name: Auxiliary power unit  

The STEYR MOTORS 2 cylinder horizontal parallel twin Diesel engine is a very unique design supporting the most compact and lightweight DC generator available.

The core engine is based on the robust STEYR MOTORS Ml Monoblock design which has a long history in the Light Commercial, Marine and Military markets. Satisfied customers all over the world trust in the STEYR MOTORS Monoblock engine family.

Voltages and Power Outputs:

  • 28Vdc (17 kW)

  • 48Vdc (22 kW)

  • 96Vdc to 600Vdc (25 kW)

The ultra compact engine features direct injection, turbo charging, and an integrated intercooler (optional) enabling efficient operations at high altitudes and hot ambient temperatures.The STEYR 2 cylinder Monoblock engine incorporates a unique mass balancing system enabling a smooth operation by counter balancing the movement of the pistons The combination of unique features provides this engine with the lowest specific fuel consumption and heat rejection

Main features

  • High ICE efficiency for higher range and/or lower fuel capacity

  • Multi fuel capability (Jet A, Jet A I, DIN EN 590) with no power loss

  • Small packaging dimensions due to horizontal/vertical angled Monoblock installation

  • Fully mass balanced due to a unique patented balancing system Smooth diesel engine operation

  • Low weight

  • High durability - With a MTBO of 20.000hrs

  • Fast engine heat-up for low fuel consumption and quick power response

  • Altitude Performance due to the turbo charger

  • Easy maintainable

  • A unique solution for multi purpose use

Polar Power — Model 8340 Alternator

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Low Maintenance and High Reliability

  • NdFeB Magnets for high efficiency

  • 32 pole high frequency design provides low electrical ripple

  • Direct engine mount for compact design

  • Anodized type III process for aluminum parts

  • IP classification (controller) IP67

Low Maintenance and High Reliability

  • Polar Power s 100% permanent magnet alternator has no bearings, couplings, brushes, slip rings, or rotating fields so there are no alternator parts to wear out.

  • Each Polar Power stator lamination stack is fully bonded to create a stator without voids which prevents moisture penetration, corrosion, and swelling.

  • The steel magnet ring and magnets are 100% Nickel plated.The magnets are bonded with high temperature aerospace epoxy, then epoxy painted to further seal the surfaces. This provides excellent salt fog corrosion resistance.

  • The magnets are mounted on the inside of the ring so there are no centrifugal forces pulling against the epoxy bonds.

  • There are no electronic parts (diodes, etc.) or electrical connections inside the alternator.There is nothing to short or vibrate loose inside the alternator.

  • Alternator MTBF exceeding 100,000 hours as there are no parts which rub, wear, or overheat under normal operating conditions

Property Value
Operating temperature, max (degree, C)
Operating temperature, min (degree, C)
Number of cylinders
Power (kW)
Cylinder bore (mm)
Cylinder stroke (mm)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Output voltage (V)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
8340 (Alternator)

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