TRAP T-360

Manufacturer: Precision Remotes, Inc (PRI)  
Product type: Turrets  
Name: Remote controlled weapon station  


  • Ideal for weight constrained vehicles; weighs in at an ultra-light 75 pounds

  • Ideal for space constrained vehicles, only two components

  • Ideal for power constrained vehicles; operating at a miniscule 170 watts, full motion

  • Fits directly into the NATO standard 2.5 inch ring mount receptacle

  • Installed/removed in less than five minutes using no tools

  • Reverts to manual operation in seconds

  • Continuous 360 degree azimuth movement

  • Azimuth/Elevation limits

  • No fire zones

  • Stabilized option

  • Accommodates 5.56mm (600 rounds), 7.62mm (400 rounds)

  • Powerful day/night optics

  • Integrates with external sensors for slew-to-cue and/or object-tracking functionality

  • Extremely accurate: firing to the theoretical accuracy of the weapon

  • Operates on vehicle power

  • Game-boy style controller for ease of training

Included in:
Product Amount
MAARS (Robot, Unmanned Vehicle)

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TRAP T-360
TRAP T-360
TRAP T-360