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Oshkosh Defense Introduces SandCat Tactical Protector Vehicle in Latin America at LAAD 2011

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Oshkosh Defense Introduces SandCat Tactical Protector Vehicle in Latin America at LAAD 2011

OSHKOSH, Wis. -- Oshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK), will showcase the SandCat Tactical Protector Vehicle (TPV) in Latin America for the first time at LAAD Defence & Security 2011, April 12-15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The SandCat TPV, part of Oshkosh’s light-payload vehicle portfolio, offers Latin American countries a protected, highly maneuverable vehicle for use in law enforcement, border patrol and security operations, among others.

“The SandCat TPV can provide security forces with swift mobility and optimal protection, whether used in combating crime in tightly confined urban areas or patrolling borders in remote, off-road landscapes,” said Serge Buchakjian, senior vice president and general manager of International Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “Our company has more than 90 years of experience designing, manufacturing and sustaining world-class vehicles for governments and militaries around the world, and we can capitalize on this experience to help meet security needs in Latin America. In our inaugural LAAD exhibit, we are pleased to showcase the Oshkosh SandCat TPV, a top-of-the-line vehicle built to defend passengers from dangerous threats in a wide range of environments.”

Oshkosh Defense uses a collaborative, integrated approach to meet customers’ needs, from vehicle design and production to training and aftermarket sustainment. The company has produced more than 85,000 military-class trucks and trailers, with vehicle payloads that cover the complete light-to-heavy spectrum. Oshkosh vehicles have been proven on severe off-road terrain and against a variety of modern threats, including use by militaries, special forces units and government agencies around the world. Oshkosh’s advanced technologies deliver capabilities such as extensive off-road mobility, exportable power, autonomous operation and integrated on-board diagnostics.

Oshkosh’s aftermarket solutions cover the complete spectrum of vehicle life-cycle support, including training services, instruction manuals, maintenance and repairs, parts supply, and fleet restoration services. Oshkosh Field Service Representatives (FSR) travel globally to ensure vehicles and personnel are at peak operational readiness. The company’s robust operator and maintenance training services provide systems-level expertise on the platforms and technologies they support, with classes offered at the Oshkosh Product Training Center, regional service centers around the world or in-theater. Additionally, Oshkosh’s parts-supply network is available 24/7 to provide instant access to spare and repair parts for all vehicle makes and models.

The SandCat TPV is part of the Oshkosh SandCat family of vehicles and can be configured to meet individual performance, protection and payload needs. The vehicle’s armor system can be customized based on the threat level and mission profile. Seating capacity can be adjusted to accommodate four to nine passengers. The vehicle also can be equipped with standard or customized storage, and is typically integrated with a wide array of weapons and communications systems. The SandCat TPV’s compact design, combined with an 18-inch vertical step capability and 42-foot curb-to-curb turning circle, enables mobility in both tight urban settings and rugged rural landscapes.

The SandCat family of vehicles also includes the base vehicle, Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) and Mine-Resistant Light Patrol Vehicle (M-LPV). These variants are based on the same lightweight, highly maneuverable platform for eased maintenance and repairs worldwide. Oshkosh has received orders for the SandCat from Mexico, Sweden, Bulgaria, Canada, Nigeria and Israel.


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