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Weapons & Weapon Systems
Design, Research, Consultancy & Training Services

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Faerie Glen

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Emerging World Technologies South Africa (PTY) LTD is a focused concept development house based in Pretoria, South Africa. Although EWT SA’s history is predominantly in defence and security, commercial prospects are also actively pursued.

EWT SA focuses on solving market place problems with concepts that are unique, differentiated in features and based on sound engineering principles.

Emerging World Technologies draws on the historical archives of the Virleo Group. The Virleo Group with over a decade of innovation and special concept engineering was home to the famous Mechanology Design Bureau (MDB).

During its history Mechanology was a valued innovation partner to many large production houses and state owned defence and security development assets alike, one of the most notable of these being a partnership with the King Abdulla II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB).

Mechanology’s extensive exploration of concepts in both the commercial and defence and security sectors yielded vast and valuable experience in the field of concept design and established both an intellectual archive second to none and an extensive international resource network.

After the Closing of Mechanology in early 2010 due to stream lining and consolidation within the Group, Emerging World Technologies SA has taken its place as the concept and exploration component in the Virleo group.


Emerging World Technologies SA is currently engaged in contracts with state owned entities in China and Azerbaijan and private entities in Colombia and India and long term product development ventures with entities in both Germany and South Africa.

The Virleo Group has a client base history that is extensive beyond mention on a single page and includes Armies, development houses, and production houses alike.

Specific references are available on request and subject to Non-disclosure.


As a member of the Virleo Group, Emerging World Technologies SA draws on projects from a long list of countries historically and at current.

African Continent: South Africa, Botswana, Djibouti, Ghana, Chad, Burkina Faso, Swaziland, Lesotho, Benin

Middle Eastern Region: Jordan, Saudi Arabia

Asian Region: China, India

Eastern Block Region: Russia, Azerbaijan

South America: Colombia

Central Europe: France, The United Kingdom, Germany

Profile Transactions / Product Concepts

Taurus, BDF Land rover, Jordanian Ratel transaction, Temsa ICV, Predator I, Predator II

Predator II (Owerhead weapon station)
Predator I (Turret)
Simsek (Owerhead weapon station)
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