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Otokar Received $43,2 M Contract For Cobra

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Otokar Received $43,2 M Contract For Cobra

Turkey -- Otokar, celebrating its 45th anniversary, has been awarded a $43,2 million contract to deliver the COBRA armored wheeled tactical vehicle. Delivery is scheduled to be in 2009.

The leading designer and exporter of military vehicles in Turkey, Otokar continues to grow in defense industry with local and international orders. Representing the Turkish defense industry in world arena with its well-known armored vehicle COBRA, Otokar continues to execute contracts abroad.

Stating that the user expectations are met with the most suitable solutions through research and development, General Manager of Otokar, Serdar Görgüç evaluated the contract: "The COBRA armored vehicle has become a product widely preferred in various territories by various users. Performance of the vehicle impresses its users. Therefore, countries that are already using this vehicle prefer the COBRA again on their new requirements. This situation makes us proud, and shows that we are in the right direction as well. With its capabilities and its characteristic of providing different solutions in one platform, The COBRA proves itself standing out amongst its competitors. The COBRA is now widely being used in many countries, and positive experiences and opinions about it from these countries cause the vehicle to be accepted by the other countries."

About COBRA Project

Throughout the COBRA project that was started by Otokar in 1997, significant technological, engineering and marketing investments were made. Having been tested for durability in many locations in and out of Turkey and in many climatic and geographic conditions in design phase, the COBRA has proven itself taking into consideration the knowledge and experience of Otokar in the field of military and armored vehicles.

An armored tactical wheeled vehicle, the COBRA draws attention with its superior terrain performance and superior survivability. Coming into prominence among its competitors against explosives and mines with its armored monocoque hull structure, the COBRA has the feature of being a unique armored wheeled tactical vehicle with many specifications like run-flat tires, permanent four wheel drive, independent suspension. It allows full control to the personnel with its wide angle of visibility while it can serve in narrow and local areas with its compact and low silhouette. With its features of high maneuverability, superior engine performance, doors that allow fast and easy access, both day and night mobility, and with convenience for air transport, the COBRA has the features that can meet the needs and tasks of armies of many countries.


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