Manufacturer: PT. Pindad (Persero)  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

On April 12, 2019, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense issued PT Pindad a $80 million contract for the production of the first 22 items Pandur II 8x8 armored personnel carriers that received the Indonesian designation Cobra. Vehicles must be delivered to the army of Indonesia within three years. As a weapon, it will use an Israeli Elbit Systems UT30MK II Remote Controlled Weapon Station, which will be supplied by Ares (Brazilian Elbit Systems branch), with a 30-mm Northrop Grumman Bushmaster Mk 44 automatic gun and a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun.

Four Pandur II vehicles were received by PT Pindad in 2017 from the Czechoslovak company Excalibur Army, which is part of the Excalibur Group (now the Czechoslovak Group - CSG), which in 2015 acquired General Dynamics Pandur II armored vehicles. Initially, the Pandur II family in the 6x6 and 8x8 wheel configurations was developed by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeu, which is now part of the European division of General Dynamics Corporation called General Dynamics European Land Systems - Steyr (GDELS-Steyr). The vehicle became a further development of the previously popular Steyr-Daimler-Puch of the popular Pandur 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carrier. In 2005-2006, the Pandur II family of vehicles was ordered as a new generation of armored personnel carriers by the armed forces of Portugal and the Czech Republic. At the same time, the implementation of both contracts took place with considerable difficulties and delays, and as a result, in both cases, the purchases were reduced and the contracts were not fully implemented, but partially canceled. In 2015, General Dynamics actually turned off the marketing of Pandur II and sold the full rights to this car to the Czech company Excalibur Army, which organized the assembly of the Pandur II vehicles at a specially created enterprise controlled by the CSG company Tatra Defense Vehicle in Kopřivnice. In fact, vehicles for assembly in the Czech Republic are obtained in the form of vehicle sets from the Steyr-Daimler-Puch enterprise in Vienna, and are only being finalized in Kopřívnice.

PT Pindad in partnership with the Czechoslovak Group is promoting the Pandur II (8x8) for the Indonesian army in several versions. In 2017, PT Pindad received four items of the Pandur II from the Czech Republic, then equipped them with weapons - two Pandur II were equipped with Ares REMAX Remote Controlled Weapon Station (Elbit Systems) with 12.7-mm machine guns, one vehicle was equipped with the UT30MK II weapon station from Elbit Systems/Ares with a Bushmaster Mk 44 30mm cannon (this vehicle was demonstrated in November 2018 at IndoDefense 2018) and one non-floating vehicle was equipped with a Belgian CMI Defense CMI-3105HP turret (Cockerill 3000 series) with a 105mm gun (a similar turret is mounted on a Harimau tank).

Previously, PT Pindad claimed that the Indonesian army totally plans to purchase 250 units of Cobra armored personnel carriers.

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