ROSOBORONEXPORT, State Corporation

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21, Gogolevsky bvld.

Phone: (095) 202-66-03
Fax: (095) 202-45-94

The "ROSOBORONEXPORT" Federal State Unitary Enterprise is the major Russian specialised agency responsible for arms export.

With nearly half-a-century expertise inherited from its predecessors - "Rosvoorouzhenie" and "Promexport" companies - it is also the most experienced Russian state-run company engaged in international military sales. The Enterprise maintains military-technical co-operation with more than sixty states all around the world.

"ROSOBORONEXPORT" operates under strict governmental control and in full compliance with the United Nations regulations and international arms control treaties.

In its marketing policy, the Enterprise pursues systemic approach providing total solutions for defence needs. Integrated packages of materiel and associated services to be exported are offered out on cost-effective and flexible payment terms.

Traditional defence-related transactions include:

  • exports of all types of conventional armament, military and dual-use hardware, as well as strategic raw materials and explosives;

  • life-time logistics and maintenance support, delivery of spare parts, tools, accessories and auxiliary equipment required for proper operation of the materiel supplied;

  • construction of defence infrastructure, including arms manufacturing plants, airfields, depots, firing ranges, training centres, and other facilities;

  • complete delivery of materials, components, and parts for licensed arms production;

  • modernisation and repair of previously supplied weapon systems;

  • personnel training in Russia and on Customer's site.

In support of international efforts to prevent and contain local conflicts and terrorism, to fight drug trafficking and organised crime, "ROSOBORONEXPORT" offers:

  • military and dual-use equipment for peace-keeping, law-enforcement and special operations;

  • equipment and services for humanitarian relief operations;

  • anti-terrorist and anti-smuggling equipment;

In the space technology area, 'ROSOBORONEXPORT" offers utilisation of Russia's existing aerospace systems, including space launching pads, communication facilities, launch vehicles for putting into orbit multipurpose satellites, as well as development of customised systems for remote sensing, space communication and navigation.

The Enterprise has a central office in Moscow, 33 offices abroad and 19 co-ordination centers in major industrial regions of Russia. The corporate structure includes administration, regional marketing and product export departments, and supporting units.

While facing challenges of the new century with optimism, the "ROSOBORONEXPORT" Federal State Unitary Enterprise plans to expand existing partnerships and develop new ones, offering high-quality products and services to the foreign and international Customers.

2A29 (MT-12) Rapira (Anti-tank gun)
2B11 (Mortar)
2K12 Kvadrat (Self-propelled rocket launcher)
2S7 Pion (Self-propelled gun)
9K114 Shturm/AT-6 Spiral (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Bal-E (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
Bal-E (Coastal defence missile system)
Kapustnik-B (Command vehicle)
KH-35E (Missile)
Pantsir-S1 (Air defence vehicle)
Pantsir-S1-O / ZOJu (Air defence vehicle)
PMM-2 (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
PP-91 (Bridge)
PPRU-1M (Command vehicle)
S-23 (Towed gun)
SA-6 Kub (Anti-aircraft system)
Sprut-B (Towed gun)
TMM-6 (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
2S7 Pion (Self-propelled gun) 9
Mar 2009
(Dec 2009)
2S7 Pion (Self-propelled gun) 3
Mar 2008
(Dec 2008)
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