Manufacturer: AmSafe Bridport  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Flexible Armour  

Tarian - Threat protection for the world's military.

Tarian is the world's lightest and highly effective solution for protection against rocket propelled grenades. Developed in close collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), the AmSafe Bridport Tarian system has been extensively tested - including over 400 life firing shots - in the U.K. and the U.S. This testing has verified both a high level of performance and multi-hit capability. The Tarian panel solution was launched in 2009 and is currently in service fitted to British Army Heavy Equipment Transporters. The latest solutions are Tarian Xtreme and Tarian QuickShield.

Tarian Xtreme

Even lighter than the panel system, Tarian Xtreme offers improved visibility. The patented Tarian Xtreme system offers outstanding performance and is exceptionally lightweight. Tarian Xtreme can protect vehicles, such as the HMMWV, that cannot accept the weight of traditional RPG armor.

  • Up to 90% lighter than steel bar armor

  • 75% lighter than aluminum bar armor

  • Flexible mounting system to withstand the rigours of field use

Tarian QuickShield

An innovative emergency replacement kit for vehicles that have been fitted with traditional bar or slat armor but that has suffered damage or are missing armor. The kit is small and lightweight and can be carried onboard the vehicle.

  • Contains everything needed to replace damage or missing bar armor

  • Enables a vehicle with damaged armor or restore its RPG protection coverage and continue its mission

The lightweight, modular design of the entire Tarian product range provides the world's military with revolutionary protection against RPGs. The Tarian system enables personnel to easily fit and replace components while in the field and bring along spare components to facilitate rapid replacement and ensure continuous protection. Tarian can be configured to meet a wide range of vehicle and static applications and was developed as part of a project which aims to produce armor solutions for critical operational requirements.

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