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The Paramount Group specialises in the provision of integrated turnkey solutions for international peacekeeping, security, defence and policing clients.

The Group views itself as the clients' trusted advisor in the role of architecting and delivering the system solution, ensuring that there is a strategic alignment with the wider intent.

The company positions itself as being non-product specific, and it aligns itself with vendor partners who have a proven record of high quality solution delivery, while mitigating risk for clients and optimising the overall cycle total cost of ownership of systems.

Paramount applies a systems approach, beginning with the analysis phase, working closely with clients to determine their specific operational challenges and to specify appropriate equipment, training, support ' to meet these needs, including retired stock disposal.

In most cases, the Group is also responsible for the structuring of financing to facilitate the projects in which it becomes involved.


INTEGRATION is the big issue. Paramount's core competency is to provide integrated solutions, and this ability means that our package deals are effectively unrivalled in the various markets in which we operate. Integration has many facets; the smooth co-ordination of hardware and systems sourced from different suppliers; the merging of new solutions with existing ones (and the refurbishment & upgrade of the latter); the creation of practical maintenance strategies; the training and re-training of the relevant personnel, and the structuring of innovative financial instruments which will suit the specific needs of the client.

We often refer to this approach as the '360 Deal', and, indeed, it is an accurate reflection of the way we approach things. All aspects of the package are carefully co-ordinated to entail minimum effort for the client and maximum accountability for us. We take full responsibility for delivering everything that is needed: client turns the key, we make sure the solution springs to life.


Paramount's philosophy towards financing represents a crucial point of differentiation. It is not realistic to have a one-size-fits-all approach to funding and Paramount accordingly employs great ingenuity in structuring transactions which will suit the specific resources profile of the client. Paramount has wide experience in developing a variety of alternative financing instruments such as offset, countertrade and barter funding structures. In many instances, Paramount is able to offer concessionary loans and we are also well versed in the development of funding structures which are compliant with the IMF and the World Bank.

Paramount's ingenuity in financing is counter-balanced by extreme fiscal prudence and conservatism. Our policy is to maximize the returns from the client's existing investments, eliminate duplication or wastage and ensure ongoing added value through technology and skills transfer.


Paramount adheres to a distinctive modus operandi: before you can think technology, you have to think ... very hard indeed. One cannot adopt a superficial approach to specifying hardware and systems: the process must be handled in a rigorous and methodical way. At the outset, there needs to be a careful analysis of the problem before a solution can possibly emerge. Equally, there has to be a clear conception of the desired end result. When this analytical groundwork has been completed, a strategy can be devised which will be both effective and cost-effective.

Once the strategic requirements have been clearly understood, Paramount undertakes the supply of the products and technology. It is in this area that we have another distinctive advantage: Paramount has the ability to supply best-of-breed solutions, and yet, at the same time, provide the client with the convenience of dealing with a Single Source. We are able to do this because we are not restricted to a single manufacturer. On the contrary we have a global network of suppliers, partners and affiliates, including leading companies in Russia, India, South Africa, Jordan and the United States.

We have develop solid credibility within the defence and related sectors and an enviable track record, which dates back to 1994.

It is also important to note that Paramount transcends the role of facilitator or Architect of Solutions. Increasingly, we are making a contribution to actual design enhancement and product development through our ongoing joint ventures with companies such as KADDB, Aerosud, Seabird Aviation and Mahindra Defence Systems.

MARAUDER (Mine protected carrier)
MATADOR (Mine protected carrier)
Mbombe 4 (Mine protected carrier)
Mbombe 6 (Mine protected carrier)
Mbombe 8 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
Mbombe 6 (Mine protected carrier) 50
Feb 2015
(Dec 2019)
MARAUDER (Mine protected carrier) 30
May 2011
(Dec 2012)
MATADOR (Mine protected carrier) 30
May 2011
(Dec 2012)
MARAUDER (Mine protected carrier) 25
May 2009
(Dec 2011)
MATADOR (Mine protected carrier) 25
May 2009
(Dec 2011)
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