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In July 2015 the BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (LSSA) has been rebranded as Denel Vehicle Systems (DVS).

Denel Vehicle Systems started operating under the name Olifant Manufacturing Company (OMC) in 1977 when the Olifant Main Battle Tank (MBT) was produced.

The company has developed close relationships with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), the South African Army, the South African Police Service (SAPS), Armscor, the United Nations and a number of national and international customers and suppliers.

Within Denel Vehicle Systems, there are three (3) different business units, each with its own capabilities and level of expertise:

Denel OMC

OMC is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of mine and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) protected vehicles and wheeled armoured vehicles. It covers all disciplines of the military vehicle spectrum, including conceptualization, design and development, manufacture and production, and in-service support.

OMC is currently responsible for the in-service support of more than 7,000 of the armoured vehicles and military trucks in service with the South African Army and the South African Police Service. This support includes upgrades and re-manufacture, and the supply of spares and support facilities through a nationwide network of dealers. Similarly, OMC, through its own facilities and partnerships worldwide, also supports more than 3,500 vehicles around the world.

The company also provides technical support, spares, training, vehicle upgrades and other services to its local and international customers, directly or through partnerships, teaming agreements and through approved dealers.

Denel Gear Ratio

Gear Ratio's product portfolio ranges from in-house custom-designed and manufactured solutions to standard drive-train options developed in partnership with strategically selected world-class partners.

Products include power shift transmissions, axles, transaxles, torque converters, transfer gearboxes, wheel stations and traction gears, which are used in special on-and off-road vehicles, mining and earthmoving equipment, military vehicles, traction locomotives and industrial machinery.

Denel Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a highly capable defence systems business with particular expertise in turret systems and sub-systems. Products include Fire Directing Systems (FDS), Remotely Controlled Turrets, Weapon Stations, Fire Control Sub-systems (FCS), Shooting Training Systems and related products.

Mechatronics has an excellent track record in developing and providing ballistic FDS and FCS systems for ground and air platforms, including Main Battle Tanks such as the South African Olifant Main Battle Tank, the Rooivalk and MI24 Helicopter Cannon Turret. The company also offers light turrets and has extensive experience in systems integration for both land and air turret systems.

Mechatronics is an existing supplier to the South African Armed forces as well as OEMs and end users worldwide.

BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa comprises of Land Systems OMC and Land Systems Gear Ratio.

Land Systems OMC is South Africa’s primary military vehicle facility and covers all disciplines of the military vehicle spectrum including conceptualisation, design, development, manufacture, production, and in-service support. The company specialises in a wide range of wheeled armoured vehicles and mine-protected vehicles and supplies South Africa and other African and overseas defence markets.


Main Battle Tanks (including Armoured Recovery Vehicles and Bridge-layers) Heavy Wheeled Armoured Vehicles (such as the Rooikat Armoured Car and the weapon platform for the G-6 SP Howitzer).

Light Armoured Vehicles (such as the Wasp Rapid Deployment Reconnaissance Vehicle).

Mine-protected Vehicles (such as Casspir, Mamba, RG-31, Okapi and Kobra).

Police and Security Vehicles (such as the Scout and RG-12 Nyala)


Land Systems OMC has dedicated organisations, facilities and personnel covering the following:

  • Research and Development, and Conceptualisation and Design

  • Vehicle Manufacture

  • Vehicle Assembly

  • Component Manufacture

  • Component Re-manufacture and Refurbishing

  • Marketing and sales

  • Logistic Support

  • Client Support and Training

  • Dealer Facilities and Support

Land Systems Gear Ratio is a specialist manufacturer of transmissions, drivelines and related components for both Land Systems OMC and its products and for local and foreign original equipment manufacturers.

? (Power pack)
? (Power pack)
? (Transmission)
? (Transmission)
? (Transmission)
Casspir (Mine protected carrier)
Casspir Mk III (Mine protected carrier)
Casspir Mk IV (Mine protected carrier)
Casspir Mk VI Protector (Mine protected carrier)
iKlwa (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Mamba Mk2 (Armoured car)
Nyala RG12 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Okapi (Command vehicle)
OLIFANT Mk2B (Modernization of the vehicle)
OMT (Owerhead weapon station)
RG-19 Caddie (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
RG-21 (Mine protected carrier)
RG-31 Charger (Mine protected carrier)
RG-31 Mk5 (Armoured car)
RG-31 Mk5E (Armoured car)
RG-31 Mk6 (Armoured car)
RG-31 Mk6E (Armoured car)
RG-32 Scout (Patrol Vehicle)
RG-32M (Tactical vehicle)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier)
RG-33 SOCOM AUV (Mine protected carrier)
RG-34 Iguana (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
RG-35 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
RG-35 MIV (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
RG-35 RPU (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
RG-41 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Scout 2 (Tactical vehicle)
SD-ROW (Remote controlled weapon station)
WASP (Patrol Vehicle)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
RG-32M (Tactical vehicle) 25
Jun 2012
(Dec 2012)
RG-32M (Tactical vehicle) 22
Jan 2011
(Dec 2011)
RG-32M (Tactical vehicle) 10
Jun 2010
(Dec 2010)
RG-32M (Tactical vehicle) 16
May 2010
(Feb 2011)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier) 58
Feb 2010
(Dec 2010)
RG-31 Mk5 (Armoured car) 250
Feb 2010
(Oct 2010)
RG-31 Mk5 (Armoured car) 100
Sep 2008
(Feb 2009)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier) 40
Jun 2008
(Feb 2009)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier) 9
Jan 2008
(Aug 2008)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier) 600
Dec 2007
(Dec 2008)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier) 600
Nov 2007
(Apr 2008)
RG-33 MRAP II (Mine protected carrier) 535
Mar 2007
(Dec 2008)
RG-31 Charger (Mine protected carrier) 25
Jun 2006
(Nov 2006)
RG-32M (Tactical vehicle) 6
Feb 2006
(Aug 2006)
RG-31 Charger (Mine protected carrier) 28
Nov 2005
(Jul 2006)
All contracts...

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